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Ralf Mårtensson

Premiere for a clever new stand concept

What do you do if you’re a company with products in widely different sectors, but you still want to market yourself as ONE brand at Nordbygg? So far, that’s been difficult, but Bosch and Stockholmsmässan put their heads together and came up with a solution to this dilemma – a radical new stand concept.

As you may know, at Nordbygg different product types are exhibited in different halls; this means that companies with many different categories of products need to have several different stands, and these stands are often far apart. Bosch wanted to change all this and, together with Stockholmsmässan, developed a new concept that the company will be testing at this year’s fair.

Essentially, this involves placing Bosch’s different stands as close together as possible in Halls A and B respectively, and linking them together via stands in the connecting corridor, as well as with uniform carpeting and various types of sign materials.

The seed for this idea was first planted by Ralf Mårtensson, cross sales manager at Robert Bosch AB:

– Obviously, I’d prefer to have one large stand for all our different divisions but, since this isn’t possible to arrange, I devised this solution to link our stands together in some other way, and Stockholmsmässan has been hugely supportive. Now visitors will be able to quickly and easily move between our Thermotechnology stand in Hall A to Power Tools in Hall B, via our Building Technology and Smart Technology stands in the connecting corridor.

You’ve even involved the restaurant situated between the two halls?

– Yes, that’s to say it will have a ‘Bosch design’ setting. At first we were even contemplating a special Bosch menu; we didn’t go that far this time, but maybe we will at the next Nordbygg.”

What does Nordbygg mean to your company?

– Nordbygg is the trade fair and meeting place in Sweden that’s most important to us, purely because it’s the largest trade fair with the widest scope, and the one that covers the majority of our different divisions. One area we’ll be showcasing, and that we’re investing an increasing amount in, is the IoT (Internet of Things). Simply put, this involves sensors, for both private individuals and businesses, that are accessible via the internet.

What are you personally looking forward to at Nordbygg 2018?

– The opportunity to showcase our wide range of products to our customers – the people whose lives we want to make easier. One example is the goal we have for all our salespeople to be able to present Bosch in its entirety, so a customer won’t need to have multiple contacts.