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five trend scouts

Nordbygg’s trend scouts in English

The construction and housing sector is getting more and more complex. This brings new opportunities, but also new demands – on all the actors in the industry. Not least, the clients are affected in their role as directors and drivers of the process from several different factors. Some of these are being addressed by Nordbygg’s trend scouts in a number of films. Five of them are adapted to an international audience and have been translated to English.

Lennart Weiss is the Commercial Director of the Norwegian construction company Veidekke, which has a large part of its operations in Sweden. He elaborates on his thoughts on sustainability, which today is a completely crucial factor in new developments and reconstruction. With a broader interpretation of the sustainability concept, the client will have additional issues on his/her desk and the demand for knowledge will increase. See the film!

Demands for equal construction

Lisa Deurell, architect and housing commentator, addresses the increased interest in equal construction. Clients in Sweden, both within the public and the private sectors, are seeking a feminist analysis of projects, she concludes. See the film!

Fredrik Drotte, Head of Urban Development at ÅWL architects, previously Urban Development Officer at the municipality of Upplands Väsby. In Upplands Väsby, the ambition is to establish a cooperation with construction actors, aiming for a win-win situation. Those who help to achieve the municipality’s target get a discount on the price of land. See the film!

New user behaviours, new challenges

Elise Grosse, Head of Development for Sustainability at White architects. She knows all about how we can create climate neutral buildings. The choice of material and well thought-out construction logistics are two factors that have a decisive importance for the outcome. See the film!

Tommy Lenberg, CEO at Byggherrarna, an association with the aim to strengthen the role of the developer.  Tommy’s trend scouting starts with how changed user behaviours and functional requirements pose new challenges for the client. He says that larger construction companies are now investing more in market intelligence, precisely rel="noopener noreferrer" to identify new trends rel="noopener noreferrer" and behaviours.
See the film!