“More talk of customer benefits and less of technology”

Technical installations are making up an increasing part of a property’s value. The more advanced the functions are, the greater is the part of technical installations. And just like in all other areas, there is a continual development. At Nordbygg, the latest and most advanced products and solutions in ventilation can be observed and discussed.

A Nestor in ventilation is Roland Jonsson, Project Manager at WSP. With about 45 years in the industry, he has seen - and tried - almost everything in ventilation that has been brought on since the 70’s. At Nordbygg 2020, he will be giving a talk at Svensk Ventilation’s stand on how one can avoid Legionella in tap water with one ventilation solution.

BeBo - the spring board for good ventilation aggregates

Roland Jonsson states that a decisive step in ventilation development was taken just over ten years ago, within the framework of Energimyndigheten’s (The Energy Agency) initiative BeBo, with a project for fan systems for apartment buildings. This lead to a technical procurement which became the spring board for good ventilation aggregates. A development which since has resulted in more efficient fans and heat exchangers.  

– The foundation for today’s efficient ventilation are the so called FFTX systems. This means mechanical exhaust air, filtrated supply air and energy recycling by heat exchange, says Roland Jonsson. Today, there is also geoFTX (formerly called HSB FTX), where the system is combined with the heat or cold in the ground to heat or cool the air. A nice indoor climate all year round

For increased efficiency, air quality and energy saving, the ventilation is today connected to sensors for presence monitoring and management of CO² content, temperature, humidity and more. Future development will take place with the support of AI, among other things.

On this next step, the constructors are working to achieve as low pressure drops in the systems as possible, to create the best possible transport of air in and out of facilities as well as distribution of the fresh air.   

The customer benefit that vanished

The base for good systems is good products, able constructors and fitters, and management and controlling techniques. But Roland Jonsson believes that a larger focus needs to be placed on a completely different perspective.  

– Customer benefits are completely central, but they often disappear from the discussions which instead tend to be more about technology, Roland Jonsson says. One should not primarily uncritically follow the order without striving to create a system which delivers the best possible result. For the developer, for the inhabitants and for management.

With an increased customer focus, demands for better communication between developer, manufacturers, constructors and fitters must follow.  

– Everyone has their part to fulfil, but better cooperation can also improve the result and customer benefit, Roland claims. Everything is not about digital communication, but simply talking to each other. The goal must be for a tenant to say “Oh, it does feel fresh in here!”.