Solutions in the moment

Nordbygg attracts a broad spectrum of visitors. Most of them have a direct and concrete interest in the content of the fair, while others are looking for inspiration and rewarding meetings. Tommy Göthberg, SolNord, is one of the latter.

When Nordbygg in 2018 was on, SolNord was a new, growing business focusing on photovoltaic systems for retail.

– Part of our mission is to make it easy for customers to see the possibilities of solar power. Since we can offer energy guidance, carry out projecting, help with government contacts, handle deliveries and installation, this makes us a complete provider, says Tommy Göthberg.

For Tommy, the reason for visiting Nordbygg was a general curiosity, although he was also looking for software in terms of electronic customer management and purchasing systems.

– But since I was there, I took the opportunity to talk to exhibitors and in that way gained knowledge of news, for example regarding altered requirements for scaffolding. To build a successful business is often in the details!

He means that Nordbygg has something to offer everyone. Not least unscheduled meetings with professional people in different fields with the ability to capture solutions in the moment.

– I see Nordbygg as a complete fair, even though I personally of course would have liked to see more on solar power. In addition, they have generous opening hours. I appreciated that.

SolNord was founded in 2017 and started operatively by acquiring an installation company in Mälardalen (the area around Lake Mälaren, trans. note). Since then, they have also built teams in Skåne (Scania) and Östergötland. The ambition is to become nationwide.