Peter Söderberg, Nordbygg

More women and more decision-makers

There were 930 exhibitors and 250 open lectures, which drew 48,000 visitors over a period of four days. There are the official numbers from the visitor survey summarizing Nordbygg 2018.

This year, as in previous years, Thursday was Nordbygg’s biggest day in terms of visitors, and roughly 16,000 people came to the exhibition halls at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö. One trend this year was that the share of women increased from 16 percent two years ago to 20 percent this year.

“We are pleased that we are at the forefront with 20 percent women, when the industry average is 15 percent,” says Peter Söderberg, Event Manager for Nordbygg.

“This matches the greater focus we have placed on equality issues at Nordbygg, with activities such as Stop the Macho Culture and Equality at Work.”

More decision-makers

Another trend is that the number of decision-makers is increasing. Twenty-one percent of the visitors report that their opinion is the determining factor for a purchase, compared to two years ago when 15 percent said that they had a determining influence on purchases.

“For exhibitors, this means that the contacts they make here are really those that have a say in the matter when it is time to make a purchase,” says Peter Söderberg.

New products the biggest draw

Two out of three visitors say that they come to Nordbygg to see what is new. Almost half of the visitors view the fair as a chance to see everything under one roof; they appreciate the opportunity to get an overview of the industry. And, naturally, many come to make new contacts and meet existing contacts in the industry. Of the visitors asked, 43 percent had already made new contacts at the time of the survey or expected to make contacts during the fair.

“Nordbygg’s strengths lie in the large number of new products, the size of the fair, the quality of the exhibitors and its range - no other fair can match it,” says Peter Söderberg.