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We are a family-owned construction company experienced in effective development, implementation, production, and application of Polytech technologies.

Our products are tailored for various purposes, including residential construction, with a focus on high energy efficiency and user comfort.

We conduct research and development activities, provide consulting services (know-how), and deliver dedicated machinery, selected and imported from manufacturers in Italy.

We offer construction services (ex. thermal insulation of historic buildings from the inside, construction of single-family houses, industrial construction etc.) and sell materials (including Polytech).

We have experience in business cooperation, including Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy and Georgia. We are a professional partner in construction projects.

Our export services construction of residential buildings and public service premises using traditional technology, thermal insulation of historic buildings design and construction of buildings made of prefabricated materials based on our Polytech MS.
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  • Construction services

    Construction services Länk till produkten »

  • POLYTECH lightweight concrete (styroconcrete)

    POLYTECH lightweight concrete (styroconcrete) POLYTECH lightweight concrete is a range of levelling and insulating Polytech mortars. They are made of cement, regranulated (or granulated) polystyrene foam, the TECH foaming additive and mixing water. The material is suitable for use in residential and commercial buildings and in listed building restoration projects. It can be used for or as a lightweight thermally-insulating screed base on concrete, ceramic or wooden floors, on vaults, or as the thermally-insulating layer of a ground floor slab; the thermally-insulating and load-bearing layers of floors made of cement screed with a Polytech mortar; the thermally-insulating and load-bearing layers for underfloor heating systems (floating floor systems); a lightweight thermally-insulating screeding and gap-filling layer of between 4 cm and 30 cm (a single layer). Länk till produkten »

  • Polytech® Therm InSide

    Polytech® Therm InSide Polytech Therm InSide internal wall insulation panels.This product is the thermal insulation material for internal walls and ceilings when no insulation material may be applied to the external surface of the walls because the walls must be protected (in listed buildings, for example). The thickness of the internal thermal insulation layer should be based on what the customer requires and the heat-and-moisture performance of the wall or ceiling in the long term. Länk till produkten »


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