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POLYGROUP is an international manufacturing company founded in Spain in 1975 and is currently a benchmark for innovation in the flooring industry, manufacturing high tech raised access floor solutions under the GAMAFLOR brand. Modernity and tradition interact in an environment where technical quality and precision consolidate a very complete range of products at the service of the most demanding projects.

Betting on efficiency in the management of our commercial network through solid strategic alliances has been one of the key factors in our evolution in the different international markets, being part of projects in more than 60 countries. Our close relationship with architectural firms, engineers, designers, and interior designers gives us an optimal and updated perspective of the technological needs of the sector.

We strive to achieve excellence in every project. Constant investment in research and development ensures that the entire range of products maintains its high-performance level in projects with higher levels of demand. Our experience currently has the recognition of professionals and experts from the sector as well as important corporations at an international level who place their trust in the GAMAFLOR brand.
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    GAMAFLOR PAC GAMAFLOR PAC is designed to be versatile and highly adaptable to all applications providing significant load resistance levels, fire rating any and thus reducing investment costs. GAMAFLOR PAC is a conventional system designed and developed by POLYGROUP with the latest manufacture technology in regards to Leed parameters helping in the LEED certification processes on regard to recycled component materials topic. Green access floor Gamaflor PAC 35/05 consists of high density chipboard core panels and galvanized steel sheet bottom surface featuring an improved protection against external factors like fire and moisture. PAC panels are highly configurable offering a wide range of covering finish options from factory to turn system into fully accessible. Länk till produkten »


    GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL A significant high resistance to fire and loads as well as its acoustic absorption level and inalterability under moisture guarantee its suitability for all kind of areas of use. Corporations, Architecture and Engineering studios entrust their commercial and industrial projects to European raised floor GAMAFLOR for the technical and aesthetical high adaptability that the steel cementitius raised access flooring offer. GAMAFLOR Raised Access Floor FULL STEEL system consists of 2 electro welded steel sheets injected at high pressure with light cement and finished with an epoxy anticorrosive smooth painting coat. Länk till produkten »


    PERFORATED VENTILATION PANELS POLYGROUP has developed a new generation of perforated panels and ventilation grilles for raised technical floors. GAMAFLOR G perforated ventilation panels are manufactured entirely of reinforced smooth steel providing the system with maximum static and rolling load resistance as well as the highest fire rating. All Gamaflor perforated raised access floor panels ranges are suitable to both GAMAFLOR FULL STEEL system and GAMAFLOR PAC/BANK system, and in the same way, they are compatible with a multitude of raised floor systems on the market worldwide.

    The steel ventilation panels are adjustable to raised access floor panels of 30 to 40 mm thickness and guarantee a constant and safe air flow in the cold aisle areas of DATA CENTERS where air cooling distribution under the raised access floor is required. Länk till produkten »

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