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The Netherlands and the Nordic countries have high ambitions to mitigate climate change, move towards a fossil-free society and transition to a more sustainable and circular world.

Find out what the Netherlands has to offer in terms of smart products and services for the construction and real estate sector. Let's collaborate more and contribute to better solutions that we can all benefit from.

Come and visit us in the Netherlands Business Lounge (C02:50) and meet innovative Dutch companies focusing on the development of smart sustainable cities, modern architecture and infrastructure.

Dutch companies are also on the leding edge when it comes to solutions for improving data quality contributing to more efficient construction processes, as well as those that accelerate the transition to circular timber buildings and reduce construction waste.
Other examples include circular and sustainable waterproofing membranes, smart lighting solutions, ultrafiltration modules and charging solutions for electric vehicles. The Netherlands Business Lounge also features companies offering products for external cladding, thermal break elements and anchoring systems, as well as innovative technologies for the plumbing sector.

Curious about what the Netherlands has to offer? Welcome to the Netherlands at Nordbygg! We'll put you in touch with exciting new partners!
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  • Allego -
  • PB International BV -
  • R-Vent / Climate Recovery - and
  • Signify -
  • Thinkproject -
  • Cirkelstad -
  • Global Sustainable Enterprise System / National Product Catalogue -
  • Leadax - Sustainable and Circular Waterproofing BV -
  • Nordic Facade Solutions/Trespa/Formica -
  • Schöck Nederland BV -
  • Sustainer Homes BV -
  • Xinaps -
  • UNStudio B.V. -
  • NL Innovation Network Sweden -
  • Holland Circular Hotspot -


  • Other services
  • Energy
  • Surface materials
  • Ventilation
  • Heating, ventilation & sanitation
  • Other Building Materials
  • Sheet metal, Steel & Building system
  • Software
  • Wood & Building Systems


  • Park 20|20 - världens första Cradle to Cradle-arbetsmiljö

    Park 20|20 - the world’s first Cradle to Cradle working environment Located in Haarlem, this business park has about 88,000m2 of offices and 3,500m2 of facilities, focused on enhancing people’s wellbeing. This results in an inspiring, healthy and productive working environment. The park runs entirely on renewable energy by applying hot and cold storage and photovoltaic cells. The water at the park is purified through special filters. The applied materials are biodegradable.

    Source/credits: Holland Circular Hotspot

  • Cirkulär byggnad - staden Venlo's stadshus

    Circular building (City Hall) in the city of Venlo A comfortable and healthy work environment with sustainable innovation: this place has energy efficient air treatment, efficient air circulation and climate control. Also, the water usage is efficient. Rainwater and water from showers and sinks are collected anpurified for reuse. The used building materials and their manufacturing process, do not contain any toxicsubstances and can be reused.

    Source: Kraaijvanger Architects / Credits: Ronald Tilleman

  • Blue City - samlingsplats för cirkulära företag i Rotterdam

    Blue City - a circular meeting place in Rotterdam BlueCity is an international icon of circular economy, a national platform for circular entrepreneurs, and a very visible local accelerator that empowers circular entrepreneurs and inspires citizens.

    Innovative, sustainable and circular entrepreneurs have settled down between slides and hot tubs to give new meaning, function and value to 12.000 square meters of a deserted swimming pool.

    Source/Credits: Blue City

  • EEA & skattekontor i Groningen - design UN Studio

    EEA & Tax Offices in Groningen - design by UN Studio The aerodynamic form of the building has been achieved as the result of extensive sun and wind studies. UNStudio, founded in 1988 by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos, is a Dutch architectural design studio specializing in architecture, urban development and infrastructural projects. The name, UNStudio, stands for United Network Studio, The agency has offices in Amsterdam and Shanghai.

    Source: UN Studio / Credits: Ronald Tilleman



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