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FM Mattsson Mora Group conducts the sale, manufacture and product development of water mixers and related products under the strong, established brands of FM Mattsson, Mora Armatur, Damixa, Hotbath, Aqualla and Adamsez.
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  • Mora INXX II

    MORA INXX II Inspired by professionals, INXX II combines Scandinavian design with Swedish engineering. Its combination of high quality, clean design and outstanding comfort makes this the ultimate collection. INXX II is elegant and timeless, and available in a palette of carefully selected natural colour tones. Thanks to a choice of matte or lacquered finishes, the collection is perfect for neutral, rustic or more functional interiors.

    With a hundred years of passion, craftsmanship and tradition, we have transformed classic design into a world-class water experience. INXX II is here to make your life easier and more elegant. Link to the product »

  • Mora IZZY

    MORA IZZY - a mixer with attitude The trend right now is a home with a personality, a home where we can put our own touch on the interior and create a whole feeling with everything from furniture and wallpaper to taps and showers. This is something that we have caught on to when designing our Izzy series. A series that stands out both in terms of color and shape. Link to the product »

  • Silhouet Touchless

    Silhouet Touchless Silhouet Touchless is a revolution in touchless taps, designed specifically for home use. Stylish, practical and hygienic because you never have to touch the tap with dirty hands.You can easily adjust the temperature and flow depending on whether you need to wash your hands, brush your teeth, shave, or fill a glass with cold water. It is also easy to turn off completely if you need to clean the sink.

    Silhouet Touchless has a timeless, simple Nordic design that offers a good match for both classic and modern homes. The durable surface is available in a chrome, brushed brass or matt black finishes, which naturally match the rest of the popular Silhouet series. Link to the product »

  • Silhouet Collection

    New Silhouet Collection The Silhouet Collection is a complete series of bathroom accessories that match the design and surfaces of the popular Silhouet series. It offers everything from towel hooks to toilet roll holders in exactly the same colour and with exactly the same surface as your tap and shower, creating a wholeness and coherence in the room. The Silhouet Collection therefore makes it easy to create a common thread in the design of essential bathroom accessories.

    The collection is available in 7 colours, offering you the perfect solution to bring out your personal style: Chrome, steel, brushed brass, brass, copper, matte black and matte white Link to the product »

  • Beröringsfria kranar

    Touchless mixers FM Mattsson 9000E Tronic is a new generation of sensor operated mixers in Sweden. All technical parts are integrated in the mixer body for easy maintenance. The temperature is easily set by means of a lever at the side of the mixer. The lever can be fixed in order to
    secure the mixer against scalding or alternatively remove the lever if you need only a fixed temperature. There is also a programmable function for hygienic flush that prevents the water to be stagnant too long and thereby prevents bacteria to grow. Link to the product »

  • Innovativ och intelligent vattenrening

    Innovative and intelligent water treatment Numerous of people falls ill in the severe pneumonia Legionnaires disease every year – and the hidden statistics is yet huge. Watersprint is a unique product that, effective and to a low cost, disinfects water and reduces bacterias, protozoanes and viruses with modern UV-LED technique. Link to the product »


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