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Aereco develops innovative ventilation solutions for residential and office buildings with a key concept; the modulation of airflow rates according to the needs. With this principle associated to specific technologies, Aereco demand-controlled ventilation systems fully meet the building's current challenges with regards to energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Aereco offers several lines of products that can be implemented in various systems, from natural and hybrid ventilation to mechanical exhaust and heat recovery ventilation.

The group, whose headquarters and factory are located just outside Paris in France, is present in most countries in Europe as well as in Asia and in the USA, through subsidiaries and a wide network of distributors. Founded in 1983, Aereco Group includes today more than 400 employees.

The Swedish subsidiary Aereco Ventilation AB is located in Malmö in the southern part of Sweden.
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  • EMM² fuktstyrd SPALTVENTIL / tilluftsdon

    EMM2 - Humidity sensitive air inlet for windows With its slim design (only 31 mm thickness), the EMM² is optimised to discreetly integrate on all types of windows. Its humidity sensitive sensor modulates the airflow according to the ambient humidity level.
    The EMM² has specific accessories to increase the airflow or to adapt the air direction if necessary. The range is composed of 2 humidity sensitive versions and 4 different colors; its single-part front cover facilitates painting. Link to the product »

  • N Y H E T - EHT² TILLUFTSDON / väggventil

    The efficient wall mounted alternative
    Installed on the wall or on a rolling shutter casing, the EHT humidity sensitive air inlet is the ideal choice for air admission through the wall, and thus provides an alternative where lack of available space (on window frames) prevents the installation of window mounted air inlets. With additional accessories, it reaches a high performance level of acoustic protection, until 52 dB. A man. closing device is also available Link to the product »

  • V4A LÄGENHETSFLÄKT - ventilationsfläkt för en bostad

    V4A The V4A whole-house exhaust fan has been designed to ventilate a complete dwelling, with up to four exhaust units located in the kitchen, toilet(s) and in the bathroom(s). Easily hidden in a wall cupboard or in a ceiling void, the V4A whole-house exhaust fan will provide you all the comfort and air quality you can expect from a low consumption, silent exhaust fan. When installed in an apartment or individual home, maintenance is simple thanks to its location inside the dwelling. Link to the product »

  • VTZ kollektiv FRÅNLUFTSFLÄKT för takmontage

    VTZ The VTZ fans range offers five models with capacities going from 500 m3/h up to 7 000 m3/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other buildings. The VTZ fans are designed for an outdoor installation, in terrace or on a pitched roof. Many connecting parts are available to adapt to different encountered cases. The VTZ fans are characterized by their solidity and by an excellent energy efficiency, thanks to the use of high-performance electronic commutation motors. Link to the product »

  • G2H fuktstyrt FRÅNLUFTSDON för S-system eller FFS-system

    G2H G2H inaugurates the first exhaust unit accurately optimised for natural ventilation and hybrid ventilation, for the new built as in refurbishment. By proposing both automatic control of the airflow according to the needs and boost airflows (manual or automatic), the G2H exhaust unit advantageously combines energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The exhaust unit offers a very large air section to ensure the airflow even at a very low pressure, from 2 Pa. Link to the product »

  • BXC Fuktstyrt TILLUFTSDON - nu med NY DESIGN

    BXC A multifunctional exhaust unit for mechanical ventilation systems.
    The BXC series has received a "face-lift" in 2021! New cover in modern design but otherwise exactly the same good features as before.
    The BXC series offers all the functions you could wish for in an exhaust unit. It has different activation options to adapt the ventilation as needed: humidity control, presence detection, switch, VOC or CO2, and there is a selection of accessories. Link to the product »

  • VBP+ Ventilationsfläkt för FLÄKTFÖRSTÄRKT SJÄLVDRAG - FFS-system

    VBP+ Exhaust fan - Hybrid assistance fan The VBP+ hybrid ventilation fan range is the ideal solution for the renovation of buildings equipped with natural or passive stack ventilation ducts, improving the performance of the ventilation through a very low electrical consumption. Link to the product »


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  • SENSORER (modbus) för många användningsområden: S-CO2/T-M och S-PLT-M

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