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The Netherlands and the Nordic countries have high ambitions to mitigate climate change, move towards a fossil-free society and transition to a more sustainable and circular world.

Find out what the Netherlands has to offer in terms of smart products and services for the construction and real estate sector. Let's collaborate more and contribute to better solutions that we can all benefit from.

Come and visit us in the Netherlands Business Lounge (C02:43) and meet innovative Dutch companies focusing on circular and sustainable waterproofing membranes, AI-powered applications for processing construction plans, energy saving showers, and mounting structures for solar panel installations.
The Netherlands is also on the leading edge when it comes to solutions for smart energy management, software for making the housing market transparent, as well as sustainable building materials made from 100% recycled PVC. Other examples include PCM (Phase Change Material) for thermal energy storage, prefab building materials, signage, daylight solutions, as well as an online registry for recording all materials and products that are incorporated in a real estate or infrastructure project.
The Netherlands Business Lounge furthermore features companies offering innovative building technologies and software, as well as windows and doors for modular construction.

Curious about what the Netherlands has to offer? Welcome to the Netherlands at Nordbygg!
We'll put you in touch with exciting new partners!

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  • C2CA Technology BV

    C2CA Technology BV 100% circular concrete Link to the product »

  • Coders Co PDF2GIS is an AI-powered application for processing construction plans and turning them into geo-data.
    Coders Co., a company established by seasoned professionals with academic backgrounds, specializes in AI and coding. Our primary focus is leveraging technology to contribute to sustainability and facilitate the green transition.

    One of our flagship applications, PDF2GIS, revolutionizes the conversion of floorplans and construction drawings into detailed 3D models of buildings. This innovative tool holds immense potential for various sectors, including municipalities and housing corporations, enabling them to transform their archives into invaluable repositories of detailed building information.

    PDF2GIS can be instrumental in modeling and enhancing the energy efficiency of structures. By providing comprehensive insights into the composition of buildings, including materials used, it can become an indispensable asset in promoting circular construction practices. Link to the product »

  • Construction & Display BV

    Construction & Display BV Prefab building materials and daylight solutions Link to the product »

  • Hamwells

    Hamwells At Hamwells we create shower systems that help make showering as sustainable as possible. We strive for the best quality. Besides sustainability, comfort is one of our biggest priorities.

    Our Blue is a Waste Water Heat Recovery (WWHR) system that reuses the residual heat in the shower waste water. It does so with up to 72.5%. This results in a lower utility bill immediately. Other benefits are:

    - lower CO2 emissions
    - lower peak demand on internal installation and national grid
    - better nZEB compliance
    - can be installed on a single floor eg apartments, bungalows, town houses, sporting facilities, hotels etc Link to the product »

  • Janson Bridging

    Janson Bridging The market leader in Europe for the hire of modular steel bridges, pontoons, RoRos, temporary bridges and ferries. Link to the product »

  • Leadax

    Leadax The revolutionary sustainable roofing and lead replacement

    Leadax is an Award-winning Dutch SME with a working & sustainable business model in the circular economy. Leadax uses high-tech material & production knowledge for developing and manufacturing 100% circular materials out of waste for waterproofing buildings, such as flat roofing, flashing and waterproofing basements. Leadax operates on a global scale and is ready to accelerate its impact. Come to the Dutch pavilion and explore how we combine circularity and profitability in construction by using circular waterproofing products. Link to the product »

  • Luxxor

    Luxxor Luxxor is a developer and distributor of circular sustainable warm water concepts. We cooperate with EU suppliers to ensure product quality and innovation over the supply chain.
    Warm water is a growing share in the amount of energy used in buildings and is, in well isolated buildings, responsible for up to 50% of the heat demand. In countries were gas/oil was the main energy source for the shower, the transfer to all-e pressurizes building space and the electricity grid. We have concepts for every shower (for example houses, hotels, sport facilities and hospitals)
    The current Luxxor product range, reduces the heat demand and along with smart storage improves the sustainability:
    • Drain water Heat Recovery
    • Warm water batteries
    • Stainless Steel storage tanks
    Luxxor is continuously searching for new products and concepts to reduce the (shower)energy demand and our CO2 footprint. Our mission is to make sustainable warm water available for everyone. Link to the product »

  • Madaster online registry for recording all materials and products that are incorporated in a real estate or infrastructure object. Link to the product »

  • Plugwise

    Plugwise Smart Energy Management Link to the product »

  • Pluss Advanced Technologies

    Pluss Advanced Technologies PCM (Phase Change Material) for thermal storage of energy Link to the product »

  • Pretty Plastic

    Pretty Plastic Pretty Plastic designs and produces sustainable building materials, made from 100% recycled PVC sourced from plastic window frames, downspouts, and rain gutters. Our tiles demonstrate how waste can be transformed into beautiful products.
    Our product portfolio consists of three different tiles, available in four colours: grey, green, ochre, and terracotta.
    Our façade and roof cladding are used in private residences, utility projects, and high-rises. They are suitable for modular buildings and prefabrication.
    Our tiles are easily detachable and fully recyclable after use, creating a circular product and reducing environmental impact for construction waste.
    The Pretty Plastic façade and roof tiles are certified according to international standards and are installed in projects all over the world. Link to the product »

  • Priva's Lab for Innovation

    Priva's Lab for Innovation Innovative building technologies and software that lead the way to better, healthier buildings and smarter approaches to energy use and decarbonization. Link to the product »

  • Rable Group BV

    RABLE Group BV Mounting structures for solar panel installations Link to the product »

  • Realstats BV

    Realstats BV Realstats is a specialist in the real estate industry and the number one in rental data. With a team of data experts, we provide the most reliable datasets and comprehensive analyses of the housing market.

    Our mission is to enhance transparency within the housing market, fostering better alignment between supply and demand. Through the analysis of trends and developments in the housing market, we assist government bodies and market players in making informed decisions, effectively mitigating risks, and capitalizing on opportunities. Link to the product »

  • Wezenberg Trading BV

    Wezenberg Trading Windows and Doors for modular construction Link to the product »



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