Visitors at Nordbygg 2018

Well-rounded mix for great relevance

A complete and filling Nordbygg consists of good exhibitors, well-filled stands, interesting products and services as well as visitors of good quality. In between, there is also a “lute” of central themes, seminars and other features that to a high degree contributes to the fair becoming really relevant for the industry. Here, the Project Manager Peter Söderberg talks about some of the content that visitors and exhibitors will be able to take part of at Nordbygg 2020.

The innovation features in 2018 were met by a large interest and will have an even stronger position when Nordbygg returns next year.

– We are now working to get an extensive innovation arena, where visitors among other things can get acquainted with a number of start-ups and their services and products that are new to the construction process, says Peter Söderberg, Nordbygg’s Project Manager.

Inspiration for clients
Nordbygg’s Gold Medal, with a clear innovation perspective, returns with nominees followed by an award ceremony.

Architecture will also have given place at the fair in a new feature consisting of a gathered presentation of current award-winning architecture where construction materials such as glass, steel, concrete, wood and plaster are in the centre.

Within fittings there will be a new section that focusses on properties’ energy systems.

– We take care to offer a really good range of knowledge and inspiration directed at professional clients. At Nordbygg 2020, we will get help from one of Sweden’s largest client organisations, Sisab - Skolfastigheter i Stockholm AB (School properties in Stockholm). This guarantees a sterling programme, with features such as Choosing materials, Procurement, Innovation and Architecture, says Peter Söderberg.

Golden Oldies that engage
Among returning Golden Oldies we have the architecture contest “New Eyes On” and the section “Cars in construction” where car companies and designers show the latest.

The contest “New Eyes On” is arranged in cooperation with Byggkeramikrådet (Building Ceramics Council). As per usual, it will be initiated during Autumn 2019 with a lecture tour on ceramics as a building material. The tour visits the architectural training programmes that have reported interest. The contest itself will be concluded with the winning architectural entry, a café, being erected in the fair’s entrance hall.

– To conclude, I can mention that we have just signed an agreement with the six hundredth exhibitor and the demand for exhibition area is continuing. Nearly 15 per cent of the area is still available, says Peter Söderberg.