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Nordbygg - a business generator

When the car interior designer System Edström exhibited at Nordbygg 2018, it led to many good meetings and several new business deals. So it is not surprising that the company has decided to exhibit again in 2020. Those who have not come into contact with the company in a year or so can look forward to many new things, on several levels.

The company System Edström specialises in custom interior designs for craftsmen’s cars, with a market that extends over all of Europe. Ann Säiner has been the Marketing Director for two years now.

–    When I started here, a part of my mission was to modernise marketing, which among other things included an overhaul of our participation in fairs, she explains.

A clear fair strategy
This has led to a very conscious strategy, which only includes the icing on the cake. Every fair is also thoroughly evaluated so that we can measure the result, Ann Säiner says.

–    We can gain a lot from participating in smaller and more specialised events together with for instance car dealerships. But the big fair Nordbygg is very important. There, we can reach a wider audience in a way that is not possible anywhere else, says Ann Säiner.

Most of System Edström’s customers are craftsmen or property caretakers. They are at Nordbygg, but there are also customers there from industries that Ann Säiner and her colleagues don’t run into so often. And many of those need customised and smart car interior designs.

A Business Generator
When System Edström exhibited at Nordbygg 2018, the idea was to show their wide range. From designing the interior of the small pick-up to the possibilities of a large vehicle.

It went very well, Ann Säiner notes. There were many good meetings with end customers and also several business deals. They are still closing business deals which can be derived from Nordbygg.

With that background, of course System Edström will participate at Nordbygg next year, says Ann Säiner. They are bringing a lot to the stand which will be new for those who have not been in touch with the car interior designer for a while. Among other things a completely new accessories range which maximises the design solutions.

–    And to give our visitors the best service, we will have many staff, says Ann Säiner.

That is a tip that she readily gives other exhibitors. To have plenty of people there to be able to share the responsibility and stay on top during all of the fair.