House at lake

Plannja - an early bird

Location, location, location. The real estate agents’ mantra is just as good for building sheet manufacturer Plannja. With many years’ experience of Nordbygg, they know that the placement in the exhibition hall is important. Ann-Katrin Ahlbäck, Marketing Manager Scandinavia at Plannja, was therefore early in booking a stand for Nordbygg 2020.

– We want to ensure we have a good stand placement. Nordbygg is an important fair and we put in a lot of time and energy to plan and execute it, says Ann-Katrin Ahlbäck. We above all strive to show us and our products and have many really good meetings and fruitful conversations.

That means that the placement of the stand is important, it needs to be clearly seen from all directions and big enough to show products, but also to house a calm space for customer meetings.

Meeting place and test foundation
The overall assessment from Plannja’s sales force after the latest fair was that it met the expectations very well.  The fair has over the years also proven to be an excellent place to let new products meet prospective customers. More than once have these products gained approval from the market and thereafter been incorporated in Plannja’s product portfolio.

Since the experiences from Nordbygg 2018 are so positive, Ann-Katrin has decided to re-use large parts of the stand concept and parts of the features that turned out to be successful, for example the very well-visited after work arrangements.

Focus on sustainability
To Plannja as well as the rest of the industry, the sustainability issues are central. And to many customers it is a base requirements that products and materials are certified according to the different systems.

– We focus on supplying our roof products with environmentally friendly coatings. But sustainability also lies in that they can be recycled fully, without losing some of their technical attributes.

She also points to the group parent SSAB and its much noticed development project HYBRIT, where the goal is fossil-free steel production. The project is being run in co-operation with LKAB and Vattenfall. If it is successful, it will also benefit Plannja.

The details in Plannja’s program for Nordbygg are as yet far from ready. Preparations are starting now with the goal of supplying the stand for 2020 with something for everybody.