The Hope for fossil-free construction

The Local Administration for Gothenburg City is the nave for the investigative sustainability project Hoppet. The name comes from the fossil-free pre-school, Hoppet, which within the framework of the project will be built in Hisingen, Gothenburg. The work is thereby clearly anchored in reality, rather than just academically. The more long-term goal is to push for a conversion to sustainable construction and housing.

Nordbygg News met parts of the project group for Hoppet for a conversation at Nordbygg 2018.

– There is a lot of talk of sustainability and fossil-free construction, but this is a concrete project, says Nina Jacobsson Stålheim at Energy and Environment at Gothenburg City and up until autumn 2018 Project Manager for Hoppet.

Large part of fossil loaded materials
After a year of investigation, the project had its external take-off at Nordbygg in April 2018.

The working method is concrete and involves trying different processes and materials to eventually find an optimal solution. To have a clear task, which is building the pre-school, makes it very realistic.

The concrete work started off with going through the actual materials used in a pre-school.
– We established that there are about 200, of which more than 150 have a fossil commodity and therefore a negative climate footprint, explains Nina Jacobsson Stålheim.

Nordbygg an information platform

The goal is obviously that all construction materials in the end will be replaced by fossil-free ones.
It is a long-term job that will take close co-operation between suppliers, independent experts, contractors and innovators. That’s why we saw Nordbygg as the place to be.

– Many of those we want to reach are here and we can establish that the fair has been extremely good for us, says Nina. We have been able to spread the word, which is one of our goals, and many have also come to us to find out more.

She can count many great meetings, both spontaneous and booked ones. Most of them with exactly the right people. On top of that, a well-visited workshop was held at the Materials Library.

A solid impact
A year later, in Spring 2019, they are happy about the impact with the materials suppliers.
– We note great interest with suppliers, not least those who are well-advanced in their materials development, but who have not yet got out on the market, says Construction Project Manager Anders Hall, Local Administration, Gothenburg City.

One example is discussions with suppliers of mineral wool, who are about to convert their production based on sustainability.

The project has also become known in other parts of the country through contact, initially on the regional level, with large developers such as HSB and Riksbyggen. Knowledge is also being spread through workshops, the latest one with the municipality of Malmö, where focus is on an increased environmental focus with clients.

More projects in line

The concrete construction of the pre-school has also advanced.
– We are now in the final phase of procurement of interaction contractors and the work to find planners has commenced. The construction start is planned for Q4 2019, says Anders Hall.

But it doesn’t end there. A second pre-school is planned, as well as a third pilot project.
– With these concrete assignments, we can positively spread knowledge about fossil-free construction to the municipal construction companies. At the same time it also contributes to develop how we should set the requirements for all other projects.