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Sofia Wendel, architect

Guided tours draw architects to the fair

“Nordbygg is very relevant for architects. Because we set the specifications, we need to stay up-to-date on and have very good contact with suppliers. The fair offers an excellent opportunity to make sure this happens,” says Sofia Wendel, architect and Office Manager at Kjellgren Kaminsky architecture firm in Stockholm.

Sofia Wendel debuted this year as a guide for architects at Nordbygg after being asked by the magazine Tidskriften Arkitektur. The magazine wanted to arrange an evening activity at its Architecture Day during the fair.

“It was the first time I was at the fair myself. I spent an entire day on recon, going through the fair very thoroughly and focusing on new offerings and sustainable solutions for both products and materials.”

Nordbygg has been slightly overlooked by architects, but interest is growing among this professional group.

“Choosing materials is an important part of our job. In my work, it is more common for me to set the specifications for a material than for a piece of furniture, for example. It should therefore be as natural for me to go to Nordbygg as I would a furniture fair, which many architects traditionally attend.”

Around twenty people had signed up for the guided tour, which spent about one hour visiting a selection of stands that featured everything from window manufacturers, bathrooms, kitchens and fittings to materials such as wooden products.

“Normally, I might have gone to a website and looked, but it is so much more rewarding to meet the people and get to feel the materials. Contact with the suppliers is very important, and now after the fair I have used my contacts with many suppliers to get answers to questions that have popped up during projects.”

“I strongly recommend that architects go to Nordbygg. You can research in advance if there is a specific supplier you want visit, but you can also just go. Once at the fair, everything is structured into different segments. You can find unexpected treasures by just walking through the entire fair, so make sure you have plenty of time,” says Sofia Wendel.