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Paul Rogers, architect

At Nordbygg, I meet important people

To build relationships, network and take part of the latest technology, especially innovations that improve our environment. That is the daylight specialist Paul Roger’s plan for Nordbygg 2018.

The architect Paul Rogers, of architect firm BAU, specialises on simulation of climate and daylight. It’s an issue that impacts more and more building projects, among other things because of the increased condensation in our large cities. During 2017, Paul and his colleagues in the daylight group carried out a staggering 100 projects concerning daylight,
Paul’s plans for Nordbygg 2018 include taking part of innovations and new technology.

– Within the construction industry, we have great opportunities to guide the societal development towards sustainability. New technology and smart innovations is the greatest possibility we as specialists have to influence our future positively.

– And nobody can do it alone, we need to work together, cooperate. That’s why it is important to attend Nordbygg, says Paul.

Smart innovations

Paul says that glass, his speciality, is a great example of how technology can develop and enable new products and solutions that are also good for the environment.

 – In just 20 years, the technology regarding natural light versus energy losses has become so much better. There is glass that can keep cold or heat and disturbing noise out, as well as let enough natural light in, says Paul.

See the products

Product knowledge is also an important reason for Paul and his colleagues to visit Nordbygg.

– I get both ideas and new knowledge from my visits there. The Swedish market is very good, with a high technical level and competence. And, of course, the international actors’ presence is also very important.

Paul says that the more he knows, and the better his product knowledge is, the better descriptions he can give his customers.

– Glass is very visual as well, that’s why it is so important to see the products in reality.

– To use a product correctly in a project, I need to have an in-depth understanding of its properties. Something may seem to work on paper or a screen but doesn’t in real life. That is why the physical impression is very urgent.

– I’ve found some great stuff at Nordbygg over the years. This year I will be looking out for sun screens, where there is a very interesting development at the moment.


Not only is Paul a specialist on daylight, his other focus area is environmental classification.

– Boverket, Sweden Green Building Council, Svanen and many of my other recurring contacts will surely be there. As will the competition and partners, current and prospective.

– At Nordbygg I simply meet people who are important to me, Paul Rogers concludes.