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Nordic ConTech

Nordic ConTech launches at Nordbygg with Flir, Cling, Cisco, Philips and Spotscale

Nordic ConTech is a brand new platform for innovative development in construction. During Nordbygg, the concept will be launched with daily lectures, an exhibition and meetings between the actors of the industry, start-ups/innovators and financiers.

Nordic ConTech is a platform to showcase new solutions and investments for construction in the future – from the whole industry and all its actors.

Nordic representation

Nordic ConTech is a Sweish initiative, with the ambition to cover the Nordic construction and property market. The innovation companies taking part are all active internationally.

The platform isbeing launched at Nordbygg 2018. That means daily features at the big scene at the entrance square. Every session starts with presenting the concept. After that, the innovation company of the day takes the big stage.

Presentation of innovation companies

Every day, the product/technology from the daily innovation company can also be seen in Nordic ConTech's showcase AG:70. Everyone is welcome to have a look and ask questions.

Every day at 11 am, a guided tour will emanate from the showcase to some of the most innovative exhibitors at Nordbygg. For international groups, please contact Press Officer Jörgen Hallström jorgen.hallstrom@byggtjanst.se

The innovation company of the day on the big stage in the entrance hall:

Tuesday, April 11 at 1.45—3 pm
Nordic ConTech with Flir: Find cables, pipes, damp and leakages with your mobile!
Flir is world leading in thermography and thermal cameras. With Flir's technology in your mobile phone, it will be quick and easy to find electric cables, piping, leakages and onset of damp in buildings. Speaker: Christiane Buchgeister, Customer/Tech Training Instructor, Flir

Wednesday, April 11 1.45—3 pm
Nordic ConTech with Cling: No fuss with the customer – sign contracts with BankID
Cling has developed a powerful, smart and free quotation tool for craftsmen and small construction companies. And thanks to being able to sign with BankID, there is no fuss with the customer! Speaker:  Oskar Andersson, CEO at Cling

Thursday, April 12 1.45—3 pm
Nordic ConTech with Cisco/Philips: The computer network turns to powerline – and everything is connected!

Cisco is worldleading in IT and networks. Now, the company moves into the construction industry, with ceilings that connect the computer networks and the powerlines of a building, so that all installations are connected. The initiative is made in cooperation with Philips, one of the world's leading technology companies, among other things in lighting technology. Speakers: Peter Jerhamre, Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems and Robert Fredriksson, Nordic Key Account Manager, Philips Lighting.

Friday, April 13 1.45—3 pm
Nordic ConTech with Spotscale: Get the whole block in 3D with drones!
Spotscale creates 3D models of buildings and whole blocks, with the help of new innovative scanning methods. Here, the company will show how they work with drone filming and advanced printer technology. Speakers: Katarina Nylander, Spotscale and Anders Lindgren, Information Experience.