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meetings at Nordbygg

Nordbygg, arena for topical industry issues

Nordbygg has become an actor who is part of driving the construction industry forward in important areas. For instance, this is done by actively starting and taking part in different initiatives and development projects. Issues such as equality, digital innovation, recruitment and an advanced client role will be noticed at Nordbygg 2018.

Industry initiatives of different kinds have increasingly put their mark on Nordbygg, and this will be extra evident during this year's edition. The fair is also becoming more of a meeting place for the construction and property industry’s development and increased skills.

Four exciting examples are equality, digital innovation, recruitment and an advanced client role, which will all have large scope at Nordbygg 2018.

Equality on the big stage

#metoo and the industry’s own #sistaspikenikistan (lit. the final nail in the coffin) have clearly shown the need for actively working for increased equality and diversity in the construction sector.
Of course, it is urgent to put an end to sexual harassment and abuse in general, but it is also important to be able to increase interest in our industry, which has a great need for recruitment, says Peter Söderberg.

Nordbygg has therefore become involved in the industry initiative Jämnt på jobbet (Equality at work). Equality and diversity will for instance be addressed in the seminar program on the big stage on a couple of occasions.

Development and innovation

Nordbygg is also involved in a new long-term venture in technical development throughout the whole construction process. Behind the project are Svensk Byggtjänst and Bygg 4.0, financed by Smart Built Environment.

– The venture mostly focusses on digitalisation and how the sector increasingly can work with for instance AI, robotics and Internet of Things. This will be making a mark on Nordbygg 2018. There will be a number of interesting lecturers and presentations of new initiatives, new start-ups and a brand new survey on the subject, says Peter Söderberg.

The popular Material medal will be handed out as usual at Nordbygg. The competition focusses on the best new materials from the past year and the very best innovation is given Nordbygg’s gold medal for the best new product of the year.

Skills development

A theme which has become more topical is how property developers may strengthen their skills as clients.
Considering this, Nordbygg together with its partners has developed Energismart renovering (Energy Smart Renovations) for energy smart clients.

– The client has an extremely important role in the construction process. The fair gives a unique opportunity for property developers to get a current idea of what this fast developing industry can offer, and what they then can demand and expect in their procurements, says Peter Söderberg.

Industry meetings

That Nordbygg increasingly has become both an actor and an arena for industry development is also to be seen in that an increasing number of leading industry organisations, institutions and companies choose to arrange meetings and events in connection with the fair. Among others, Branschföreningen för Byggnadsberedning (the Industry Association for Building Preparation) chooses to have their annual meeting at Nordbygg.