Photovoltaic technology gets a new themed area at Nordbygg 2024 – the CEO encourages more actors to exhibit


Photovoltaic energy was on the agenda already at Nordbygg 2022 – at the fair in 2024, there will be a specialised area for photovoltaic technology, after an increase in interest in locally produced and sustainable energy.

In line with the current situation in Europe, partly due to the current energy crisis, interest in locally produced energy has increased. Photovoltaic energy is seen as the type of power for the future, to be able to use the potential there is in solar power Sweden has to be technologically savvy and use the energy in the right way moving forward.

– To take advantage of the potential there is in solar energy, we have to be able to use batteries in the right way and change our and change our social structures with the help of smart technology, says Anna Werner, CEO at Svensk Solenergi.

Many solar tech companies were already there during Nordbygg 2022 and showed their innovations – and even more companies in photovoltaic energy are expected to show off their ideas at Nordbygg 2024. A new area intended for photovoltaic technology is in the works, where companies can show off their new ideas and innovations to support a climate and sustainability smart energy consumption in the country. 

– A themed area for photovoltaic technology is great fun. Not just companies want to get their electricity situation under control, but private individuals and municipalities who also want to be less dependent on the current electricity prices. 

Which new innovations can we expect in photovoltaic technology?

– There are constant little improvements being made in the efficiency of the panels and their effectiveness, but there are also many innovations coming in building-integrated solar panels that can replace construction products and produce electricity at the same time. Another technology which is rapidly being developed is the management of electricity production and battery charging to support the electric mains and use electricity more cleverly, says Anna Werner.

New innovations in measuring techniques and how companies sell electricity to each other is also an increasing trend. Anna Werner also says that there are several new ideas for business solutions and new types of agreements between the operator, the person buying electricity and the electric mains owner that can be expected to be exhibited at Nordbygg 2024.

How come the technology development and the interest are so great?

– It is an underlying positive trend that has been reinforced by the climate change and the security policy situation in Europe. Locally produced electricity is preferred from a security point of view but also from a sustainability point of view, they want to know which electricity they use, says Anna Werner.