Soltech dazzles Nordbygg with its photovoltaic solutions

Soltech Energy want more people to wake up to energy and photovoltaic solutions and will therefore be exhibiting again at Nordbygg 2022.
– It is therefore extra important to us to participate at Nordbygg, so that more people will understand the effect and the benefit that solar energy can bring, says Josefin Sollander, Head of Communications at Soltech Energy.

The Soltech Group is a complete supplier of energy and photovoltaic solutions. They work with developing and integrating solar technology directly in building materials so that all types of buildings will be able to produce sustainable energy in the best possible way.  

– Solar energy is one of the solutions needed for society to manage the climate challenge and is a prerequisite to reach the global goals. The more people who install photovoltaic solutions and combination solutions, the smaller the impact on environment, says Josefin. 

Nordbygg’s gold medal raised the bar  

In the past few years, the development in the solar energy industry has taken off, even though it is still rather untapped to this day, says the Head of Communications at Soltech Energy. Today, solar energy makes up for about one percent of our energy consumption and the goal for 2040 is to increase that to 10 percent. 
– For society to become more ripe for photovoltaic solutions, we need to meet people and inform them, and that’s where Nordbygg is an incredibly important platform. Nordbygg has representatives from all of our target groups and we get a chance to meet both existing and potential customers, says Josefin Sollander.  

Soltech Energy was the company that won Nordbygg’s first gold medal for the hottest new material of the year in 2010. They won the prize for their solar energy system, that makes the entire roof a giant sun catcher. 

– It was very valuable for us to receive Nordbygg’s Gold Medal for our first building-integrated product. At that time, we were pioneering these solutions and we really took off after winning the award. And there are still many properties that should have an integrated solution, we are not finished with showing the benefits of aesthetic solutions, Josefin explains. 

Sweden’s largest energy facilities 

Soltech Energy has exhibited at Nordbygg for many years, and just in a few years the company has grown enormously. Before the fair in 2020, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, the group consisted of four subsidiaries. Today, they are a complete supplier consisting of 18 subsidiaries, who develop, sell, install and optimize solar energy solutions. The goal is that more people will implement solar cells for a green conversion. 

– Our main target groups are property owners, construction companies, the public sector, industry and agriculture who have large roof areas and land areas. At the moment, we are building Sweden’s largest solar energy facility at the façade of a logistics facility in Jönköping. We are exchanging the old sheet metal façade with a solar façade, in which we are going from a dead material to a living one, Josefin explains. 

Facade mounted solar cells are used to a surprisingly small extent today, and that is one of the challenges for Soltech Energy, to inform construction and technical consultants, architects and other in the industry. 

– We are really looking forward to Nordbygg, where we will be showing our building-integrated solar panels and above all talk about solar energy, energy management and energy storage of solar energy, where the focus of the industry is right now, Josefin Sollander concludes.