SISAB is exhibiting at Nordbygg 2020 for the first time

Extensive programme as SISAB makes its Nordbygg début

SISAB, the manager of the schools in Stockholm, is one of the country’s largest property managers. They are industrious visitors to Nordbygg, and this year will be taking it one step further with their own stand, arranging a market day, and participating with speakers on several stages.

SISAB is cutting edge when it comes to digital management of ventilation and temperature in their properties. Before the Summer, 50 of SISAB's properties will be managed through the AI tool SOLIDA. So far, SISAB has, with the help of digitalisation and automation, decreased their energy consumption by 30 per cent. At Nordbygg, they will among other things be showing how they work with property automation. 

Clear goals for Nordbygg

– We have two main goals when it comes to Nordbygg, says Konrad Szczesny, Market Coordinator at SISAB. Partly, it is a fair that we see attracts many of the suppliers we work with, and also those we would like to see place bids on our procurements in the future. The second goal is to attract and recruit future employees, we know for instance that many students visit Nordbygg.

SISAB's stand will show the SISAB SOLIDA and also give visitors the opportunity to, through a BIM table with a screen, “go into” some properties that have been scanned in 3D to make a digital twin. A tool for property automation which can be connected to AI.

– A year ago, we launched an AI tool, SOLIDA, which is a platform for property automation. Before the Summer, our goal is that 50 of our properties will be managed with the help of SOLIDA, and in the long run all our properties, says the Operations Manager at SISAB, Niklas Dalgrip.  

– Considering the increased pressure regarding environmental concerns, we have to work smarter, and there will be more and more people coexisting in a limited space, says Niklas Dalgrip.

Market day and stage appearances

Apart from activities in their own stand, SISAB will be arranging a market day on April 22. It is mostly directed at building contractors.  

– We also have a few presentations on the Nordbygg stage, with among others our CEO, Claes Magnusson, who will be speaking about SISAB’s vision for the future, says Konrad Szczesny.

Moreover, a couple of projects will be presented in more detail and the Operations Manager, Niklas Dalgrip, will present SISAB SOLIDA at several different stages during Nordbygg. On the last day of the fair, April 24, SISAB will take part in the Architecture Day.