Unique opportunity to meet female colleagues in the construction and real estate industry!

Women's Network Meeting – April 28, 2022

We are now up and running for Nordbygg 2022 and it is finally time for Nordbygg's first women's network meeting. The interest for 2020 was great and over 100 applications were received.

You are welcome to a meeting place where women in the construction and real estate industry get a unique chance to exchange experiences, ideas, and tips. We want you to get inspired together with your female colleagues. 

Gender equality, still an important issue 
Initiator and moderator of the network meeting is Sandra Mobarakis, known as Sweden's first construction inspirer under the name ByggSandra. Sandra is strongly committed to the issue of gender equality in the construction industry and works to create a more inclusive industry. (Before the start of Nordbygg's network meeting,) we took the opportunity to ask Sandra some questions about how she coped this time and plans ahead.

– During 2020, the construction industry was not significantly affected financially but in 2021 the companies became more reserved and careful with what they prioritized and invested so for me and my business, things continued to go well because I had already switched to digital events in 2020. 

A recent digital initiative that Sandra and Byggföretagen launched this year was Construction Woman of the Year, which drew attention to female role models who have contributed to a more equal construction industry. The winner was Emmalena Andersson, sheet metal worker and construction manager.

– We got a really good response with over 266 nominations and 1200 who voted for their favorite. What we can see is that the issue of gender equality is more on the agenda, people are more naturally involved in the issue today.

Sandra believes that it is now necessary to make a shift from just talking about the issue to actually take definite action.

– It is time to go from talking about gender equality to starting to act on an equal footing with the budget, with priorities, with resources, with goals.
It is important that the construction industry remains relevant for the future competence provision. Sandra explains that start-ups, tech companies and investors from other industries are starting to look at the public construction sector and see great potential. And to attract these, it is really crucial to be equal.

The coming network meeting at Nordbygg 
The structure of the network meeting retains its main planning for 2020, with the difference that in 2022 we will video-record the meeting so that it will be available to both the women who cannot participate in Nordbygg and to the men who are interested in the event. 

– They should also get a dose of inspiration and be able to follow discussions and dialogues that industry colleagues have and get an insight into other people's work and perspectives.

There will also be other new speakers at the 2022 network meeting because during the pandemic new issues have come up on the agenda. 

– Our lives, views and perspectives have changed. It also has the industry and society. Then it is natural that we focus on new areas, such as digitalization or social sustainability.  
Until the meeting on April 28, 2022, we will be gradually revealing who the speakers will be, Sandra says.  

In conclusion, we asked Sandra to give some arguments why you should not miss Nordbygg's network meeting.

– There has never been a forum like this before, we are breaking ground at Nordbygg. We give women in the industry better conditions for building business relationships and creating long-term collaborations. And you wouldn't want to be missing that, do you?