Women's Network Meeting – April 28, 2022

At Nordbygg 2018, the lack of equality in the industry was the issue that came to characterize the fair. The spark to ignite this was the #metoo movement, which shook the world six months previously. The issue is still high on the agenda. That is why Nordbygg 2022, too, will have program items that aim to promote an equal construction sector. One of those items is a network meeting for women, which takes place on April 28.

 The purpose of the network meeting is to create a platform where women in the construction industry can come together and share experiences, tips and advice. 

You are welcome to a meeting place where women in the construction and real estate industry get a unique chance to exchange experiences, ideas, and tips. We want you to get inspired together with your female colleagues. All women in the industry are welcome, regardless of position.

Time: 8 am - 11.30 am
We offer breakfast sandwiches with coffee or tea.

The last date to register is 14/4. There is a limited number of seats so sign up today. Wecome part of Sweden's largest network meeting!