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Nordbygg’s international importance is increasing


Sweden and the Nordics are interesting export markets for many European companies. Therefore, Nordbygg has become an even more important for international exhibitors, with products and services for the construction sector. The same goes for visitors, who increasingly travel to Sweden from other countries.

This year, the number of international exhibitors at Nordbygg is closer to 200. That is an increase of more than 130 per cent, compared to 2018. This means that one in five exhibitors has a different home market than Sweden. The number of foreign visitors has doubled since 2014.  

– To increase Nordbygg’s international attractiveness is a conscious move and we are happy to see that it clearly works, says Peter Söderberg, Project Manager at Nordbygg.

Annelie Bäck-Heuser is the representative of Nordbygg in Germany. She thinks that one of Nordbygg’s success factors is that many there see the fair as a condensation of ISH and BAU. The same high quality, but more perspicuous.

More nation stands this year

One of the international features at Nordbygg is the national stands. This year, there are more than ever - six in total: Bavaria, Estonia, The Netherlands, Latvia, Czech Republic and Austria. Behind these is a trade organisation from each country or region. This area is meant for companies who wish to commence business relations with Sweden and the Nordics.

For Latvia, who has participated before, Nordbygg is an opportunity not to miss out on.
– Sweden comprises 40 per cent of our total export, so it is self-explanatory that we must be here and show ourselves, says Kaspars Abiks at the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Our focus for Nordbygg is to show off Latvian companies in the wood sector, window producers and the like.

First time for The Netherlands

A new national exhibitor at Nordbygg is The Netherlands. Behind the investment is the embassy in Stockholm. The ambitions are to contribute to creating the basis for an increased export of Dutch construction-related products and services to Sweden and the Nordics.

The ambassador for The Netherlands in Sweden, Ines Coppoolse, sees that there are may business opportunities for Dutch companies in Sweden and the rest of the Nordics.  
– Nordbygg is therefore important for an export country such as The Netherlands, not least since it has become more international, she says.

Around ten innovative exhibitors

The goal with participating, explains Ines Coppoolse, is that our companies will have the opportunity to present themselves and the use they can bring to the Swedish construction sector. But also to establish relationships and partnerships with Swedish actors. We do not demand that it leads to downright business deals.

– If we can achieve many meetings and are able to make visible what The Netherlands can contribute, then I am happy, says Ines.

The Netherlands's stand will have around ten participating companies. Among them  

the architectural firm UN Studio, in Sweden perhaps mostly known for being awarded the assignment of the formerly planned cable railway in Gothenburg. the IT company ThinkProject with a software to administer large construction projects. Allego, with recharging solutions for electric cars, which are integrated in the property. BrickBurgers, a building materials company, and Construqt, a start-up in cooperation with KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) that has developed and IT support for the selection of building materials.