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Hot Stockholm Region in need of foreign actors


Invest Stockholm sees Nordbygg as an important event for a growing Stockholm Region. Especially in times like these, with large investments in housing developments and infra-structure projects, such as the new Slussen (the lock between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea) and Förbifart Stockholm (the diversion of traffic outside of the city).

– We would need to double the construction speed to meet the goal of 140,000 new flats in Stockholm over the next ten years, for example. This will be very difficult with the current resources, claims Sören Pettersson, Invest Stockholm. But even a small increase in pace will require an addition of foreign contractors, he explains.  

Interesting market for foreign actors

In this context, maybe Nordbygg’s role is not so central, Sören says, but it will also require subcontractors and suppliers of building materials and new ideas. This is where the fair is central, as an important meeting place, and Sören’s opinion is that meeting in person is the best.

With all that is going on here in Stockholm, in the country and the Nordics as a whole, it is a very interesting market for foreign companies.  

– Many of them have not looked our way before, but a visit to Nordbygg may give these a good glimpse of the large opportunities there are here, says Sören Pettersson.

Half-day seminar on the Nordic Construction Market

He has great experience of staging meetings with foreign actors and to evoke their interest in Sweden.

– I and the public housing companies in Stockholm, together with Stockholm Invest, have in cooperation with for example Sisab and Business Sweden carried out several events where we have met and discussed Swedish needs with countries such as Estonia, Spain and Turkey, says Sören.

At Nordbygg 2020, Sören Pettersson is one of the speakers on April 22, when the fair invites the Chamber of Commerce with clients to a half-day of information about the Swedish and Nordic housing markets.