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vallastaden Ida Gyula/Vallastaden

Arkitektur magazine: Power over the building process – how the architect can make a difference

The architects at OkiDoki! turned to Germany for inspiration as they planned Vallastaden in Linköping. The German city of Tübingen is often mentioned as a good example of architect-driven building projects and processes.

Ulrich Neumann and Barbara Landwehr

Arkitektur's Julia Svensson and Annica Kvint have invited the Director of Urban Planning in Tübingen, Barbara Landwehr, and architect Ulrich Neumann to participate in a morning talk about German and Swedish methods of working and building conditions.

Rickard Stark from OkiDoki! and Stefan Sjöberg from Kjellander Sjöberg will discuss their experiences from applying the "German model" in Sweden: What was the outcome? How do we move on after Vallastaden? In-between the three keynote speakers, Nordbygg presents innovation stand-up, with architects Camilla Schlyter Gezelius, Staffan Schartner and Maria Block, and researcher Anna Granath Hansson, who has written her dissertation on the differences between regulations and building conditions in Germany and Sweden.

The day is arranged in cooperation with the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Register - Arkitekturdagen

Date: Friday 13th of april
Time: 9.00 - 12.00
Room: K11

The seminar is free of charge. If you can't attend, please notify us as soon as possible at nordbygg@stockholmsmassan.se. Otherwise we have Non-Show fee 500 SEK