Jonny Hellman

Hello, Jonny Hellman, CEO of VVS-fabrikanterna (HVAC producers) and member of the organising group!


What are your best tips for visitors at Nordbygg?

Come to us industry organisations!  Many of us will be there and have a good grasp on what is coming in our respective branches of industry.  We can help you to maximise your visit at Nordbygg, whether you are a property owner, a consultant or a student. 

For example, at HVAC Producers we are on top of what is going on in heating, sanitation and sewage, not just during the days of the fair, but generally.  We can support you with meeting the right suppliers or tell you how to take part of the latest products, but also with trend scouting. Don’t miss out on the goodies in the seminar program, which is always very exciting, informative and gives added value to the visitor experience.

Nordbygg is so much more than a fair, it is a fantastic meeting place!

Why have you chosen to be members of the Nordbygg organising group?
We want to make sure that everyone gets as much out of Nordbygg as possible, in particular our more than hundred members, of which many will be there as visitors or exhibitors.  We have the ability to influence the Nordbygg program, and also have close contact with other industry associations.

Together, we make sure that exhibitors and visitors have rewarding days at Nordbygg! 

What about trend scouting, what will we see in HVAC at Nordbygg 2024 that didn’t exist in 2022?
Products even more developed towards sustainability and digitalisation. This process had started in 2022, but our members have become sharper and sharper. We see improved production processes that decrease the climate stress, and even more focus on minimising the user’s/customer’s footprint. You will see progress in decreased water consumption as well as energy usage. 

We look forward to seeing you at Nordbygg!