Looking out for trends – this is what we’ll want in skylights in 2024


An new trend in glass is the increased interest in skylights. This growing market is of course highlighted at Nordbygg, and we therefore offer a trend look-out with the help of the skylight manufacturer VELUX.

The interest in fresh air and good ventilation exploded during the COVID pandemic. Among the winners on the market, we find the skylight manufacturers. One of these is VELUX, one of the exhibitors at Nordbygg. Their Nordic Sales Coordinator, Malin Lindh, is in tune with the latest trends in skylights.  

Remote controlled skylights

The ability to remotely control skylights plays an important part in creating an optimal indoor-climate, both for ventilation and light intake. With a few taps on your phone, skylights and sun-blinds are adjusted to lighting conditions and air quality. The smart skylight makes it easier than ever to create the perfect climate in the room.

Advantages of sun-blinds

External awnings and insulating curtains do not only protect against the sun and people looking in, these days they come in many varieties to match the design of the home and the function of the room. Flexible sun-blinds received a boost during COVID, when more people started working from home and perhaps didn’t simply want to protect themselves from blinding sun, but also have some privacy and a more comfortable indoor-climate.

Innovative design

There have been several news in skylight design which have been appreciated by architects and design enthusiasts. For instance, nice dome solutions with glass all the way to the edge, instead of a traditional frame. Earthy colours and natural materials are also increasing in popularity. 

Sustainability, sustainability and sustainability!

 Several skylight manufacturers, with the rest of the construction and property industry, are striving to contribute to increased sustainability. 

– For instance, we eliminate all the plastics from the packaging, so that they only contain cardboard and we mostly use recycled materials, which halves the CO2 footprint compared to other collections, Malin Lindh explains.

For more inspiration on glass and windows, but also innovations within other building materials, please visit the C hall, where you’ll find both the Building Materials stage and the Glass stage and many exhibitors who are happy to share their knowledge to bring the development of building materials forward.

Nordbygg 2024 is open between April 23-26.