Nordbygg 2021

ByggSandra invites to a network meeting for women at Nordbygg

At Nordbygg 2018, the lack of equality in the industry was the issue that came to characterize the fair. The spark to ignite this was the #metoo movement, which shook the world six months previously. Two years on, the issue is still high on the agenda. That is why Nordbygg 2020, too, will have program items that aim to promote an equal construction sector. One of those items is a network meeting for women, which takes place on April 22.

 The purpose of the network meeting is to create a platform where women in the construction industry can come together and share experiences, tips and advice. All women in the industry are welcome, regardless of position.

ByggSandra full time
Sandra Mobaraki, known as the Instagram profile ByggSandra, is the initiator. As a 19-year old, she started working at ByggMax and has since worked in several different positions in DIY. Along the line, she has become more involved in equality issues in the construction industry and in May 2019 she decided to become “ByggSandra” full time.

The network meetings have become an important part of her work. So far, she’s held six meetings, in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, with up to 190 participants. The Nordbygg meeting will be the seventh and the largest so far.

Support to handle adversity
ByggSandra says that the construction industry will need many more women to meet the competence needs in the years to come. But to do that, the industry has to become more inclusive and deal with the macho culture, which also affects many men negatively.

– We have already come far, but we cannot stop. We need to do more and we welcome new ideas and perspectives, she says.

Examples of issues that will be addressed at the meetings are how to create new roles in the workplace, new initiatives to lift female role models, and how to handle adversity and challenges. The focus is on creating dialogue and exchanging experiences, so that every person there will make it another step further to reaching their goals and dreams.

The network meeting at Nordbygg is sponsored by Cramo.


Note that you need to both register to Nordbygg and register to the network meeting.




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