NorDan to highlight 3D printing at Nordbygg

The window and door manufacturer NorDan was looking forward to exhibiting at Nordbygg 2020. A lot of effort had gone into planning and the theme for the stand was going to be sustainability. Naturally, the disappointment was great when the fair was cancelled due to the pandemic.

– We are looking forward instead, and aiming at Nordbygg 2022 and we very well may have sustainability as a theme this time as well, says Andréas Dahl, Head of Marketing at NorDan AB.  

The 3D journey will continue 
To NorDan, sustainability is at the heart of operations and has a clear strategy, which also encompasses digitalisation. To control what comes in and what leaves the company’s factories is a given, and so is using renewable energy. Therefore, the company’s ten manufacturing sites among other things invest in photovoltaic installations. The first will be the three sites in Sweden. These are already operational. The company culture will also be permeated by the idea of sustainability and they are the sustainability partner of Rädda Barnen (Save the Children) in Sweden. So if the theme of sustainability is central in the NorDan stand at Nordbygg 2022, it won’t come as a surprise. A lot of planning still needs to be done, but the ideas for the content are already there.  

– In our line of business we are pioneers within 3D printing and have received prestigious awards for our 3D printed windows and doors made of biocomposite. This journey will continue and I am counting on us being able to present something new at Nordbygg, says Andréas Dahl.   

And there is no worry that they will run out of products to show. So much is happening in this area.  

– We have six product lines who all have different qualities. And glass, a given in our products, is a changeable product so there will be exciting things to show.   

Good for relationship-building and professional 
What is entirely clear is that the Nordbygg fair is long-awaited. And on site, the overshadowing goal for Andréas Dahl and his colleagues is to show the company, the offer and to create relationships. The NorDan Group has a vision of ‘perfect interaction’ and the goal is to establish and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders. And with that sort of ambition, Nordbygg is important.  

– We have taken part several times before and appreciate the good mix of visitors. You go from talking to craftsmen to discussions with the cutting-edge architectural firms. It is great fun to see that Nordbygg has developed and become increasingly professional, says Andréas Dahl. 

The past year, characterised by the pandemic, has had a negative impact but also a positive one, says Andréas who tells us that they have been keeping busy and have not seen a decline. One positive effect internally has been the speeding up of the digital conversion. To be forced to decrease the personal contacts, for example not being able to meet people at Nordbygg has on the other hand been the downside.  

– But I think the future looks bright. We are strong in new constructions and most things point to both that and the renovation need continuing, closes Andréas Dahl.