Veli Komulainen

“Customised Prefab big at Nordbygg 2022”

The demand for prefabricated HVAC solutions is quickly growing, and therefore the need to communicate with new and important target groups.

– We will be showing several exciting news at Nordbygg 2022. Customised prefabrications save time and money, says Veli Komulainen, Regional Head, LK Systems. 

The well-known HVAC supplier LK Systems has already booked Nordbygg 2022 to meet their largest target groups: fitters, wholesalers and HVAC consultants.  
– One point is that Nordbygg is also visited by purchasers, entrepreneurs and architects, that Nordbygg also is aimed at constructors and fitters is a huge advantage for us, says Veli Komulainen, Regional Head and in charge of Prefab & OEM at LK Systems. 

Growing market 
Veli says that the prefabrication market is growing strongly, 20 per cent each year. LK Systems, the market leader in their segments, does not see a slowdown ahead, more like the opposite. 

– It is a part of the construction sector which is developing strongly. Before, prefabricated meant almost only new production. Today renovation is growing at a pace.  

Prefabricated wet room modules have been around a long time. Now we also add shafts and customised cabinet solutions.  

– Customised cabinet solutions and other types of prefabricated installation solutions will be big in 2022, Veli predicts. 

Many advantages 
The benefit of customised prefabrication is that the customers get exactly the product that they want. The handling saves time and thereby also costs since everything is in place exactly when it needs to be.  

– Another advantage that many may not consider is that manufacturing in a factory means a better basis for sustainability and traceability, says Veli Komulainen. 

New decision-makers 
He says that the demand in large part is driven by contractors and that they want more and more prefabrication from their suppliers in order to save time and guarantee quality.  
The digitalisation of the construction sector and industrialised construction means that HVAC solutions are decided already in the design phase.  

– Fitters need to understand the challenges of the developer and the contractor. 

Traditionally, the fitter has been our most important decision-maker, since they choose the products. But in that prefabrication is growing, regulators and contractors are also becoming important target groups to us.  
– That is why Nordbygg’s mixture of constructors and fitters suits us so well. We can get to know these new groups that are so important to us, understand their needs and get some feedback on our offer, says Veli Komulainen. 

Direct contact with users 
– At Nordbygg we find all the actors that are important to us. Since we so often sell our products through wholesalers and so do not have direct contact with those who use our products, Nordbygg has been a way for us to show our products in our own name and to enhance our relationships with existing customers. We both refine and enhance existing relationships and make new, recurring customers there.   

Stronger brand 
Veli has attended every Nordbygg since the mid-90’s. 

– The concept hasn’t changed that much, it continues to be the largest get-together in the Nordics for us in HVAC. But I hear from international contacts that the brand has strengthened abroad, and I have noticed that there are more exhibitors from other countries, mainly Finland and Norway, says Veli Komulainen.