Tomas Frändén

Fidelix comes to Nordbygg with sustainable solutions for property automation

Wanting to meet people in real life is finally coming true for the exhibitor Fidelix, creator of control systems for property automation. Nordbygg’s visitors will be able to take part of new cloud services, new technology in wireless data collection and the launch of a new SCADA system at the company’s stand when the fair opens up in April, 2022.

Fidelix will, together with its subsidiary Larmia Control and sister company EcoGuard, be showing a number of news in property automation at the Nordbygg fair.  

– We feel such an enormous joy to be able to meet in real life again. I am a strong champion of the physical meeting, since it’s when we meet and discuss that things start to happen, says Tomas Frändén, CEO of Fidelix AB and Larmia Control AB.  

Aiming for more southern latitudes 
Fidelix’ vision is to make buildings smarter and to help property owners to have more profitable, energy-efficient and climate-smart properties. With the Nordics as their home arena, mainly Finland and Sweden, Fidelix is now aiming for more southern latitudes as well.  

– One of the reasons we are at Nordbygg is that we want to meet people from all of Europe, and the fair gives us great opportunities for this. The Nordics are of course an important market for us, but our plan is to also be more present in Europe in the future, says Tomas.  

Trends in property automation  
In property automation, there is a large conversion happening regarding smart buildings. A whopping 40 percent of the energy usage in Europe comes from properties, which makes the need for sustainable and climate-smart solutions in property automation all the greater.  

– We want to create value at all levels and offer sustainable solutions for the long-term. Both for energy saving to reduce the climate footprint and to create a good indoor climate for people’s health and well-being, Tomas explains.  

To continue to be an important player on the market, you have to keep up with developments.  

– It is incredibly important to us to keep an eye on the rest of the world and follow our clients’ demands, since we want our solutions to last long-term. All the suppliers in the BMS sector (Building Management Systems) have an important position, where our knowledge of property technology combined with IT should help the property owner to in a simple way see to it that everything really works, says Tomas. 

– Right now we see a trend in AI with automatic learning with the help of data. Conceptual solutions, too, with secure connections, energy optimisation and cloud services have become more central in our industry, which we among other things will show at Nordbygg 2022, Tomas closes.