Increased energy control with Belimo exhibiting at Nordbygg 2022

For the energy specialist Belimo, Nordbygg is the social event of the year. Here, they establish the relationships that make the foundation for good business. After several years of Nordbygg draught, due to the pandemic, they are now looking forward to once again exhibiting at the fair in 2022.

To Belimo, based in Switzerland, Nordbygg has for many years been a priority among fairs. 

– It’s a real happening and an important event for all in the industry, says Zaki Abdo, Head of Marketing and Technical Support. 

Focus on energy efficiency 
The company is a world leader with its solutions in comfort control for ventilation, heating and cooling. They focus on solutions for energy efficiency in properties. The costs for heating, cooling and a good air environment makes a big part of a property’s total operating cost and the interest in decreasing these is of course great.  

– We can help with that, says Zaki Abdo. For example with our energy valve, which optimises warmth and cold from the actual need. It saves energy and money. 

Belimo’s customers are mainly property owners, consultants, fitters and OEM constructors, and these will be at Nordbygg, says Zaki Abdo.  

– Nordbygg 2018 was good for us. Back then, Belimo had a sizeable stand which was manned by product specialists from Switzerland.  

Demo rigs for better comprehension 
For Nordbygg 2020, there was a concept ready which was never launched due to the pandemic. With that as a foundation, Belimo will develop the stand for the next time.  

The plan is to show the latest news with a focus on smart solutions within comfort control. Valves, room units, transducers and BUS communication for applications in what is called industry 4.0 will be shown. 

– We illustrate this with demo rigs so that the visitors can really see how it works. It will also be possible to test how to connect to a motor and troubleshoot with your mobile phone, says Zaki Abdo. 

The interest from the visitors in the smartest energy solutions and cost savings is great, which makes Belimo’s expectations on this fair to be high. 

– We hope for exciting conversations and apart from our own technicians and sales force, this time we will also have colleagues from Switzerland there to answer the trickiest questions, says Zaki Abdo.