international interest Foto: Bosse Lind

Nordbygg attracts growing international attention

Swedish is experiencing a building boom, and it has been for many years. This attracts companies from other countries to Nordbygg, which becomes a springboard into the Nordic market.

“This is our third time at Nordbygg, and the Nordic market is very interesting for us as a company. We see great potential here to be represented within the housing sector,” says Ravi Saran, Desiccant Rotors International Pvt. Ltd., which traveled to Sweden to visit Nordbygg.

More and more countries are building country stands at Nordbygg, where companies from each country can gather and be discovered by new business contacts. This year, visitors were able to visit stands representing the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Austria as well as a regional stand from Bayern.

“The Swedish market is one our most important markets. We are very committed to being here, so we will probably attend Nordbygg 2020 as well,” says one of the exhibitors from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Each country’s chamber of commerce arranges the stand, often with the support of the government, to help companies enter into new markets.

“We’ve had a stable building market in Sweden for many years, and this attractive. Then I think people discovered that the large Swedish building companies are happy to work with international suppliers,” says Peter Söderberg, Event Manager for Nordbygg.

Those that tested having a stand often come back. A country stand is the stepping stone to having an individual stand the next time.

“It is also evident that they get a lot out of the fair since the rating from the international exhibitors has gone up from 4.0 to 4.3 at this year’s fair,” says Peter Söderberg.

An important reason for visiting the fair is to find new contacts and see new products.

“It becomes particularly interesting for visitors because they can see foreign companies they don't see every day and maybe didn’t even know about. Here, you can talk to them directly, which is appreciated.”

The number of international visitors is also increasing. At Nordbygg 2016, the number of visitors from other countries doubled to approximately 15 percent, and this number repeated itself this year.

“Since we are so big, Nordbygg becomes an important stepping stone for meeting people from other Nordic countries,” says Peter Söderberg.