Laurent Heindorff, Sapa Laurent Heindorff, kommunikationschef på Sapa

Hub for aluminium manufacturers

“Nordbygg is an institution.” So says Laurent Heindorff, Communications Officer at Sapa, a part of the global aluminium company Hydro. He sees a continued strong market and an increased interest in even bigger glazed areas and transparent solutions. And Nordbygg, he says, is and has been for decades a natural place for Sapa to be and to show products and gather aluminium manufacturers.

– We have not noticed a decrease in construction. For us, Sweden is performing well, as are Norway and the Baltics, and our customers are fully booked. From that viewpoint, Nordbygg is an important event for Sapa and the whole aluminium industry, Laurent Heindorff points out.

A base for the aluminium industry
Apart from showing products and aluminium solutions, Sapa’s stand during the fair has also become a base for the whole aluminium industry and therefore, the company is trying to get a good placement and lots of space.

Last time, Sapa had a stand of 144 square metres, one of the fair’s largest. We need the space for full scale products and also to give visitors the possibilities for good meetings. There is also space in the stand for the sister brand Wicona.

– The fair attracts the right sort of visitors, and we always have a large number of visitors during the four days. In 2018 we counted more than 1,000 people, many of whom travelled from Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics, Laurent Heindorff explains.

Early booking
To ensure a good placement for the next Nordbygg as well, Sapa made their booking early in the Autumn.

– We decided to go for the same placement and space as last time and now that it is booked we will start planning our participation in detail, says Laurent. It is still early days and a lot remains to be decided. But we will certainly present products and one or two new things as well.  

The past few years, Sapa has arranged seminars for architects and other providers, and for next time there are plans to also do the same targeting glaziers. This specific profession is an important channel to retail, a segment that Sapa wants to continue to develop.

– A couple of years now, we have made a conscious investment in setting up a network of glaziers. This work is done both in Sweden and Norway and the interest is huge, Laurent Heindorff explains.

And for this profession to see concrete use in being part of the network demands efforts on Sapa’s behalf. At Nordbygg, the planned seminars are meant to deliver such use. Laurent also hopes that a new concept for showrooms will attract interest.

– We have developed it with the intention of offering it to our customers and hopefully they will adopt it and also start using it, says Laurent.