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Teknoprod AB, in Stockholm Sweden is a manufacturing company offering cables for construction industry, cables for indoor and outdoor construction sites, power cable racks, special lighting, electrical cabinets, electrical distribution cabinets, etc. used for buildings development, construction and construction tools and equipment rental companies, machinery industry, shipping, oil industry and the defense forces.
We are in business since 1986 successfully cooperating with leading Nordics companies.

Viking Lighting® is the Swedish lighting brand that is produced by the Teknoprod AB., Stockholm Sweden. The Viking Lighting® lamps and accessories are dedicated to professional users who are active in construction industry, warehouses maintenance, lighting of civil and military tents and shelters, various type of workshops and it can be used as a product for construction equipment rental companies.
We deliver to our customers products of the highest quality, that assure safety and reliability.
To meet our customers’ expectations, we are flexible to customize the offering.
Viking Lighting® has been invented in Sweden in 1989. Since then, our lighting is commonly used by the civil and defense users in Sweden, Nordics, and other countries where the type of work requires a bright but not glaring light and working conditions are extreme.

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