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Strusoft is a software engineering product company with over 40 years of experience developing applications for structural analysis, design, 3D modelling, collaboration and energy for the building industry.

As an innovative Swedish software company, we aim to bring our users a better experience in analysing, designing, manufacturing, and assembling buildings. Our solutions help engineers save time and money while increasing quality, efficiency and productivity.

StruSoft software is developed in close collaboration with our users, relying on their feedback to create visionary and innovative structural analysis and design solutions.

What differentiates our software is the outstanding technical performance and user-friendly interfaces combined with generating insights and necessary knowledge for handling complex building challenges and unparalleled customer support.


  • FEM-Design
  • BIM Energy
  • VIP-Energy
  • WIN-Statik
  • PRE-Stress


  • Energy
  • Software


  • FEM-Design

    FEM-Design FEM-Design is a modern and easy to use 3D structural design & analysis software. Through its versatility, FEM-Design helps structural engineers working with concrete, steel, timber, composite, masonry, and foundation structures perform 3D modelling, design and finite element analysis according to Eurocode.

    Ideal for all construction tasks, from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures, FEM-Design is the best practical tool for structural engineers.
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  • BIM Energy

    BIM Energy BIM Energy is a state-of-the-art analysis software for energy simulations and calculation engine. A web-based solution, the software helps you calculate the energy performance of a building and determine if it meets the energy efficiency requirements.
    Through its fast and fully dynamic energy calculation functionalities, BIM Energy helps you find potential savings in your projects and quick answers to complex questions regarding the energy efficiency of the building industry.
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StruSoft AB

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