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Airwatergreen AB is a Swedish air treatment company that offers energy-efficient dehumidification and air treatment in all climates.
We design and manufacture desiccant dehumidifiers that effectively remove moisture and odour, which prolongs the life of buildings, goods and equipment, and creates a healthier workplace environment to stay in.
The products are designed with our patented technology, technologies that give the products a number of unique advantages. Advantages are half the energy needed, plug-n-play installation and the same efficiency in all temperatures.
Today we have close 700 installations in 8 different countries.
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  • Energy
  • Ventilation
  • Other Building Materials
  • Cooling & Heat Pumps


  • FLEX luftavfuktare

    FLEX dehumidifier FLEX is an intelligent desiccant dehumidifier based our patented technology. The FLEX is usually configured to reach a predefined level of relative humidity (RH), typically below 55%. If the levels are reached – then the dehumidifier pauses saving energy. It is however continuously monitoring the moisture and temperature levels to start up if needed.
    - Half the energy needed as compared to traditional technology
    - The same efficiency at all temperatures – even below 0 degrees
    - The same efficiency at all moisture levels from 20% – 100% RH
    - Easy plug-n-play installation without pulling unnecessary ventilation pipes Link to the product »

  • REX luftavfuktare

    REX dehumidifier REX is a mobile, industrial dehumidifier for larger buildings and where there is a higher humidity load challenge.

    The dehumidifier has a unique low energy consumption. Having the same energy efficiency at all temperatures open up to reduce unnecessary heating without risking high relative humidity levels as the machine works equally well at low temperatures. The unique advantages are made possible thanks to Airwatergreen patented technology.Luftavfuktning av Kyllager

    The REX also have the same efficiency at all levels of relative humidity down to 20%RH. This may be an important factor in warm buildings with cold surfaces where you want to avoid condensation. Link to the product »

  • NEXT luftavfuktare

    NEXT dehumidifier With NEXT, the relative humidity level in the air passing through the machine is adjusted to set values in a very energy efficient manner as compared to traditional technology. As part of the ventilations system or free standing
    Typical installations are in process plants, cold storage rooms, food industry, water treatment plants, ice hockey rinks and other larger premises with large air volumes and high humidity loads.

    With our patented technology and smart functions, it may be possible to reduce more than halve your energy cost related to dehumidification!
    NEXT240 can continuously dehumidify 240kg of water per day. NEXT480 can handle the double. Link to the product »

  • NEXT-S Stabilt inomhusklimat

    NEXT-S Stable climate With NEXT-S both relative humidity and temperature will be held constant at a level set by you.
    The Airwatergreen patented technology give a very stable air stream even with drastic changes in the incoming air. The ventilated air maintains your preset values. And doing this with up to 30% less energy consumption as compared to traditional technologies.

    With our patented technology and smart functions, it is possible to reduce your energy cost drastically still maintaining a rock steady indoor climate! Link to the product »


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