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Airobot ensures that you feel good at your home
Airobot is an autonomous ventilation unit, which takes care of the indoor climate of your home. Smart sensors of Airobot measure the levels of CO2, VOC, temperature, and humidity in the air, and adjust them independently.
Why Airobot?
1. We make your air visible
Airobot users see the quality of indoor air on the display in real time. You can always be sure and check the air quality in your home.
2. Up to 30% saving on energy costs
Airobot can detect through interaction of several sensors if nobody is present in the premises, and switch to minimum speed. For example, if rooms are not populated eight hours a day on average, Airobot will save up to 30% electric energy compared to a regular ventilation unit and reduce heating costs. This also helps to save the environment.
3. Suitable for apartment and house
The ventilation unit should be chosen depending on the area of your home in square meters, and Airobot range includes equipment for smaller or larger, old or new dwellings. They can be installed on a wall or to the ceiling.
4. Heat exchanger with humidity recovery
Most ventilation units take humid air from the room and discharge it out. In winter, they take dry air from the outside and bring it in. Excessively dry air is bad for health. Enthalpy-type Airobot heat exchangers return approximately 60% of the moisture generated indoors to the air blown into the rooms. This way, ventilation does not extract all moisture and a much healthier humidity level is maintained in your home.

5. Quiet operation
Airobot is so quiet that you do not even notice its operation. The noise level of Airobot equipment is within the range 37–50 dB.
6. Airobot likes development
Airobot provides regular software updates for its devices, adding new features. Continuous development ensures that the ventilation unit stays up to date even after several years of use. All updates are automatic.

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