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As a market-leading manufacturer, we have designed and produced more than 10,000 CO2 systems for sustainable commercial and industrial cooling and heating around the world since 2006.

Many people associate CO2 with global warming. We’re cool with that. Literally. Because CO2 is the most climate-friendly refrigerant: It’s non-toxic, non-flammable and doesn’t affect the ozone layer or harm our drinking water. That’s why we are ’cool with CO2’.

Facts about Advansor

• Head office in Denmark
• 260 employees of more than 20 nationalities
• 10,000 systems manufactured
• Customers in more than 30 countries
• Documentation and support in 10 languages
• 18 of Europe’s top 20 retailers install CO2 systems from Advansor
• Production at our own factories in Denmark
• Established in 2006 and part of the Dover Group
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  • Other services
  • Energy
  • Ventilation
  • Heating, ventilation & sanitation
  • Cooling & Heat Pumps


  • ValuePack II i tre delar

    ValuePack II splits in 3 Modular transciritcal CO2 rack

    The ValuePack II is especially developed for larger supermarkets and light industrial applications like cold room storage, bakeries and slaughterhouses.

    The ValuePack II compressor rack has been tested for more than a year in our own lab and in real life.

    We have gained a lot of experience from building more than 2,000 ValuePacks, and from experience and our customers requests we have made the next generation of our popular ValuePack. Efficient, flexible and reliable, the new ValuePack II provides a number of cool benefits. Link to the product »

  • Chiller Module

    Chiller Module Advansor’s chiller modules are very chilled and easy-going. They’re easy to install everywhere, have a broad capacity range and are available for many different fluids.

    The compact design is well proven, safe and ensures that no liquid is returned to the compressors. Though compact – there’s space for superior serviceability.

    Just chill – the modules are turn-key solutions. They are delivered with a tested control panel and expansion valves to ensure a fast installation and minimum time on site.

    Controllers available: Danfoss, Carel, Wurm, Eckelmann

    ISO 9001:2015 certified. Extensive factory tests to ensure fast commission on both pressure and electrical installations. Documentation and manuals that meet legal requirements Link to the product »

  • MiniBooster Standard - på lager

    MiniBooster Standard - on stock Meet the new standard

    With the new standard everything about the MiniBooster is ultra-compact: The selection, the size, the noise, the price, the delivery time and the time spend on start-up.
    The new and improved MiniBooster is more robust to dirt with added filters. We have implemented a suction line heat exchanger to further ensure safety and reduce the risk of liquid slugging. We have improved a lot of details, and 80% of all piping is redesigned.

    “Standard” means “high standards” to us. That’s why we added inverters on both medium and low temperature compressors and spend hours in lab making sure the system is extremely robust to vibrations. We have chosen a different R&D approach to bring vibrations to an ultra-low point. Link to the product »

  • ValuePack

    ValuePack Customers’ all-time favourite. Simple and compact designed, yet very easy to service. Suits every medium-size supermarket or industrial applications with a wide range of options.

    The design is optimized with compressors in only one layer, the electrical panel above and the receiver left to the compressors. Combined with the use of K65 piping, this leads to a very simple and compact design. Link to the product »

  • SteelX

    SteelX The original innovative Advansor design from which all other designs evolved. A robust, ultrahigh quality refrigeration system with the most elaborate scope of options and energy saving features. Fully customisable to meet demands of supermarket as well as industrial applications. Link to the product »

  • SteelXL

    SteelXL Big is beautiful! This is the Tyrannosaurus Rex of all CO2 designs. It fulfils all refrigeration system designs: pumped, de-coupled with chiller module and DX. It is highly customisable providing new possibilities for optimizing stores and industry facilities in completely new ways. Link to the product »

  • Nödkylningsaggregat med CO2 som köldmedium

    Emergency Cooling Unit A sustainable and compact emergency cooling unit

    The Emergency Cooler prevents your system from losing the refrigerant as it keeps pressure on the system if the rack stops due to an?emergency.

    The new Advansor CO2 -based Emergency Cooler ensures a solution with natural refrigerants that makes sure to reduce your CO2 footprint and making sure you can reach your climate action goals. Not harmful, non-toxic, non-flammable - pure CO2 solution.

    It is very compact and fitted directly to the receiver, and thereby very easy to install. Everything is kept inside the rack frame and fully factory tested, saving time on-site. This also means that it is easy to transport and fits in an enclosure. Link to the product »


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