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Since 2004 AddMobile has developed smart digital solutions for the construction industry.

The base product is the AddMobile Toolbox which includes the following modules:
Work order
Access Control and smart locks (ID06)
Asset Management
Mileage Log (ID06)
Personnel Ledger (ID06)

Our solutions help to increase safety on site as well as facilitate and streamline tasks for both the office workers and field staff. With access to all the information you need, when you need it. Suitable for both large enterprises as well as smaller companies.

Choose the solutions you want and with your company’s increased needs you can always add more – get all you need in one system!
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  • IT, Cash Register, Security


  • Planera arbetsorder i det centrala systemet

    Create and plan work orders in your web browser. Once the work order is complete you send it directly to your field workers smartphone. Track the progress and status of all work orders and get instant feedback when work is completed. You will gain better control saving you both time and money.

    Our Work Order is completely mobile and gives field workers a full overview of the assigned task, right in their smartphone. Report materials used, time spent, attach photos and more. All is saved directly in the work order.

  • Arbetsordern i appen

    A work order in the app. In the app the field workers get a full overview of the assigned task, with all the necessary information needed. They report materials used and time spent, attach photos or documents and fill out digital forms that are saved directly in the work order.

  • Planeringsvy

    Scheduling. Scheduling of staff and equipment.

  • Passagelösningar

    Access Control for gates, booms and doors. You can register access with ID06 cards either for single individuals or a whole company. Create schedules to give access only during specific dates or times and control which areas each ID06 card can enter.

    Buy the gate for installation on your own or a preassembled gate directly from us. Either way we will deliver directly to you! If you don’t need the gate after your project is completed, you can return it for a 20% refund of the sales price. This offer is subject to terms and conditions.

  • Skippa nyckelhanteringen med vårt smarta lås.

    Set aside your keys with our Smart Lock. Use our ID06 Smart Lock anywhere where a temporary lock is to prefer, e.g. on doors at construction sites and on storage units. It's quickly installed and doesn't compromise functionality. Your new key is your ID06-card.

    You can control access for companies or individuals in detail, even hours.

    ID06 Smart Lock is effective and convenient for everyone, from field staff and project managers to landlords and residents.

  • Körjournal med föraridentifiering

    Mileage Log with driver identification. If a vehicle is used by several drivers, you can identify yourself either by using an ID06 card or a tag.

  • Mina körningar

    Mileage Log. Overview in the app. A GPS is plugged into the vehicles OBD-port and keeps track of the vehicles position, logs all trips and can detect when passing through a road toll.

    Using your smartphone, you can add information such as the purpose of the trip or connect it to a work order. In a web browser you see the vehicles position in real time, this help to facilitate the planning of urgent work and lower fuel consumption.

    With the possibility to identify yourself either by using an ID06 card or a tag.

  • Checka in och ut på en arbetsplats

    Check in and out on site. Our Personnel Ledger gives you an easy to manage solution for entry and exit with access control. It is fully compatible with ID06 and complies with Swedish Tax Agency legislation.

    Available as an IP65 classed box that reads the full ID06 card on site, but also as an app. The options are seamlessly integrated so that you can combine them.

    The Swedish Tax Office can take out a list of those present by themselves by scanning the QR code on the box – no administrator needs to be on site.



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