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”The latest and most exciting innovations”

– Nordbygg has become a meeting-place with a huge impact and a large influence within the industry in all of the Nordics. All actors in the construction process here know that this is where you meet the latest and the most exciting news and innovations

That is what Magnus Jacobsson, Sales Manager at Lindab, says.
Lindab usually has two separate showcases at Nordbygg – one for ventilation and one for building components in the section for building materials. They will have in Nordbygg 2018, too.
–With two showcases, we can effectively reach the right target groups with clear messages from both product areas. Moreover, we as a Group get more exposure by being seen in two sizeable showcases. And we can easily direct customers from one showcase to the other, when it is warranted, Magnus explains.

Wants to drive the industry forward
Magnus says that Lindab, with proprietary and innovative solutions, wants to drive the ventilation industry forward – not least concerning digitalisation and system integration.
–As a part of this strategy, Nordbygg and the ISH fair in Frankfurt are very important. At Nordbygg, we meet the right decision-makers and customers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Launch at Nordbygg
Lindab chose to make a couple of large launches at Nordbygg 2016, among others Ultralink, a solution which uses ultrasound to measure airflow and temperature in ventilation channels.
–The launch of Ultralink at Nordbygg 2016 gained huge attention in the industry and among our customers. It was an eye-opener, where we showed how an innovative measuring method can lead to both a better indoor climate and reduced energy consumption.

They also launched ventilation solutions for so called cleanrooms in hospitals - facilities with very high demands on the indoor climate.

- There was a lot of interest from consultants who work with this particular type of facilities. Since then, we have had several orders specifically regarding ventilation for cleanrooms in hospitals.

- This solution shows how we can create complex ventilation systems that fulfil very high demands on the indoor climate and at the same time are energy efficient. Here, the digital interaction between our different products is decisive.

Focus on system integration
Ever since, Lindab has worked really hard on implementing solutions with Ultralink and further refining the technique. At Nordbygg 2018, they will be able to describe that journey and present the next step in the development of the concept Ultralink.
–This type of smart system integration for optimal solutions will be the focus of our investment in Nordbygg 2018. We see a large potential here and are making large development investments, Magnus closes.