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Urban Månsson, CEO, Svenk Byggtjänst

The project “Jämnt på jobbet” (Equality at work) takes centre stage

When Nordbygg 2018 opens its doors, on the morning of Tuesday April 10, the project “Jämnt på jobbet” (Equality at work) will take centre stage at the fair’s entrance square. During the Wednesday as well, concrete examples of successful investments in equality in the building sector will be presented.

Behind the project “Jämnt på jobbet” is Svensk Byggtjänst in cooperation with Nordbygg and another 20 something actors in construction.

–    The purpose of the project is to gather the industry to take hands-on action to counteract sexism and inequality in our sector. That the problems really exist and are serious have been made clear through the #metoo movement and the construction industry’s own survey.

–    At Svensk Byggtjänst, we have taken on the role of a hub with “Jämnt på jobbet, to gather and spread information and knowledge about equality in the industry. And, not least, to highlight good examples of how to create solid improvements.

Important feature at Nordbygg

–    To Nordbygg, it is self-evident to take part in this investment and give it space at the fair here this year, says Peter Söderberg, Project Manager at Nordbygg.

In connection with the opening of Nordbygg 2018, Urban Månsson will present “Jämnt på jobbet” (Equality at work) on the big stage by the entrance square. Here, he will explain what is happening with the project, and what will happen in the future, and how more actors within construction can get involved.

Hands-on examples on the Wednesday

On the Wednesday, “Jämnt på jobbet” returns to the big stage at the fair. This time to present three hands-on examples of how companies in the building sector have carried out successful equality programs. Programs that have meant a better working environment for women, attracted more women to the industry and led to increased profitability. The examples are taken from large companies and projects within construction and crafts.

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