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New section for the car within construction

New section for cars

Cars have their given place in the construction industry and therefore also at Nordbygg. The interest in vehicles and vehicle solutions is high for many visitors. To respond to the requirements even better, Nordbygg will therefore in 2018 give exhibitors of cars and accessories their own arena at the fair.

Johan Hansson, Sales Manager och part-owner of the vehicle equipment company Work System Sweden AB, is very positive towards Nordbygg’s initiative to set up a special section for cars in 2018.

– It is very good that Nordbygg collects all cars and accessories in one place, Johan Hansson says.

– That makes it much easier for interested visitors to get the full picture of what the industry can offer.

Reaches a very high number
Through Nordbygg, with close to 50,000 visitors, companies and organisations can reach the entire construction industry. Johan Hansson says that this is what makes the fair unique. Work System has exhibited a number of times at Nordbygg before, and only has positive experiences.
That the visitors now will be able to survey the whole spectre of vehicle solutions in one cohesive space is seen as a large improvement, since interested visitors then quickly can get an overview of what the industry can offer.

– We are of course always working on developing Nordbygg. To gather all car and car accessory companies in one place is one of those initiatives that will increase the use both for exhibitors and visitors, says Peter Söderberg, Project Manager Nordbygg.

Touch, feel and discuss
Work System, who has a wide-range offer with great possibilities for custom solutions, physical meeting-places are crucial.

– To have a look at, touch and discuss needs and possibilities is important to our customers, and therefore an integral part of our marketing, says Johan. And in Sweden there is no better platform than Nordbygg, with all its visitors. That makes Nordbygg number one for us.

Work System started in Småland in 2009 and has grown quickly. The mission is to sell self-manufactured furnishings and other products mainly for craftsmen’s cars.