Smart Living

Fortum showcases smart home at Nordbygg

SmartLiving is a complete system for the smart home, which Fortum is developing and has started marketing. In time for Nordbygg, SmartLiving will be out in its first commercial version.

– We need to reach out to a wider clientele. Primarily to residential builders, but also to those who want to interact with our system. Moreover, we want a more official launch and for that Nordbygg is perfect, says Larz Pohl, Head of Sales in Sweden with many years of personal experience of Nordbygg.

Four corner stones

At Nordbygg, the focus of the exhibition will be SmartLiving and Fortum will set up a home environment in its stand to physically and practically display the system in its intended environment. We may also stock up the stand with other products.

– Since fairs are entirely new to our business operations, this will also be an opportunity for us to develop our own exhibition concept, says Larz Pohl.

SmartLiving is built in as a fixed installation in the property. It works as a digital platform for the smart home. The system consists of four corner stones:
- Energy; shows your consumption of electricity, hot water and heating in real-time.
- Conveniance; controls e.g. lighting and white goods.
- Security; burglar, smoke and flooding alarms.
- Community; will include many functions where those who live in the building can interact with each other and other services.