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Håkan Rygaard, VD Dantherm

Dantherm building product knowledge at Nordbygg

Danish Dantherm has, with its high-qualitative products for a good indoor climate, a strong position in Europe. On the Swedish market, however, there is a need to increase the knowledge of the range of Dantherm’s offer. That is why the decision has now been made to use Nordbygg as a platform to tell of Dantherm and the company’s wide range of products.

The Danish HVAC expert, Dantherm, is exhibiting at Nordbygg 2018. The primary purpose is to introduce the company’s products for residential ventilation.

– Today, our products for electronics cooling are well-known i Sweden, but that we also have a strong offer concerning ventilation for residential properties, with several high and energy efficient products, is relatively unknown on the Swedish market, says Håkan Rygaard, CEO at Dantherm AB.

To change that and make the company and the products more visible, Dantherm has chosen Nordbygg as a platform for a Swedish market launch.

– Nordbygg is the largest and most important construction fair in Sweden, and if you want to reach out like we do, it’s the right place to be, says Håkan Rygaard.

In the company’s showcase, focus will be on the products HCC2 and HCV 500, both aimed at the residential market. They are well-known and appreciated products in many European markets, but have not yet had a breakthrough in Sweden.

The actual goal for Dantherm in participating at Nordbygg is therefore, according to Håkan Rygaard, to start a marketing effort.

– We want to excite interest in our products, and we hope to also get a number of leads to continue working on, says Håkan Rygaard.

Even though the main focus is on residential ventilation, the showcase staff will gladly answer questions on heating, cooling and dehumidification.

– That’s why we will also show products within all our areas. It will have to be a selection, since the total range is so enormous, says Håkan Rygaard.