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Bravida builds and strengthens relationships at Nordbygg

Bravida builds and strengthens relationships at Nordbygg

After a pause, the installation giant Bravida is now coming back to Nordbygg. And they do it with a major investment that engages all of the company’s Swedish divisions. Focus, however, is on other things rather than new big business.

Bravida sees Nordbygg as a good platform for coming in close contact with the Swedish and Nordic markets.  With a stand of 168 square metres, Bravida hopes to make it a natural meeting place for customers, co-workers and other exhibition visitors.

– We are the largest company in our business, with many different competencies. We want to show that at the fair. There are probably many who don’t know all that we offer, so this is a great opportunity for us to show what we can do, says Mats Björkman, Head of Marketing at Bravida’s Stockholm division.  

He continues:

– Many of our customers know us because they buy a piece of technology from us, for example electric installations, but perhaps they lack knowledge of the fact that we offer services within many other technical areas. We want to change that.

A welcoming meeting place

The stand concept is under development, so all the details are not finished, but it is clear that it will be a welcoming meeting place.

–  We are at the fair to build and strengthen relationships. That’s why focus is on creating a space for all sorts of meetings: spontaneous meetings, separate meetings or group meetings.  All are to feel welcome, despite of being a supplier, customer, employee, student or another exhibitor, Mats Björkman explains.

Large internal investment

To show off the company’s size and range, people from all Swedish operations are taking part in shaping the participation.

– Bravida often takes part in smaller fairs around the country, but now we're gathering at Nordbygg and making this an investment for Sweden. Therefore, we hope we will have visitors from all over the country and that our co-workers will feel proud that we are seen in a good way at such a large event as this, Mats concludes.