Become a smarter client at Nordbygg!

The client’s role in the construction process is more important, and perhaps even harder, than ever. A visit to Nordbygg is a way to increase competence.

For Nordbygg 2018, there will be a large investment in the seminar programme, and Nordbygg’s exhibitors are actual experts in themselves.

– I often come away from showcases with new insights, says Magnus Everitt, Energy expert at Installatörsföretagen.

Magnus is also a member of the working group for Energy-smart clients, previously Renovate energy-smart.

– We want to support and inspire developers and property owners to become more competent clients. This role is more important, and perhaps even harder, than ever, Magnus thinks.

Good examples

One way could be taking part of others’ good examples.
The working group is right now compiling a dense programme, with many learning examples from real implementations. Learning lectures and talks about topics such as digitalisation, solar energy, social sustainability and new energy services, to name but a few.

– Above all, we want to point out new possibilities, so that builders and property owners can be inspired in their daily work, and to show what others have done to develop their buildings, Magnus Everitt concludes.