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Pär Arvidsson, VD Bemsiq

A concentrated effort for a sophisticated market

– Our Nordic market is sophisticated and advanced. If a launch is successful here, it increases the potential to be a hit in Europe. That is why Nordbygg is one of our most important platforms.

This is what Pär Arvidsson, CEO at Bemsiq, says.
Bemsiq AB is a new business unit within Latour Industries. The unit consists of several independent subsidiaries, who in different ways focus on energy efficiency and property automation.
Even if Bemsiq is a start-up, several of the companies have existed for a long time and participated in Nordbygg many times.
–Nordbygg 2016 was well-attended and there was a very good mix of visitors. System integrators, companies who deliver complete solutions for energy efficient properties, they are our most important target group. We met them at Nordbygg and we established many valuable contacts, says Pär Arvidsson.

Important market
Pär says that Bemsiq is an international player, but the Nordic domestic market is very important, most of all Sweden and Finland. Nordbygg offers an excellent opportunity to show new product launches, since the visitors to the fair give a good indication of what works and what doesn't:
–Our Nordic market is sophisticated. Our clients here are advanced users of our products. If we make it here, the chance of being a hit in the rest of Europe increases, too, says Pär.

More international elements
Pär observes that the international elements have increased. A sign that Nordbygg holds their own in the international competition of large fairs.
–We get more and more companies from Germany and the rest of Europe. That is good, but it makes it even more pressing for us to be here and defend our market position.

Already booked
– It will be important for Bemsiq to be seen at Nordbygg in the future also. Especially since more international companies have realised the importance of being seen here, says Pär.
Bemsiq AB consist of the independent subsidiaries Bastec, Elvaco, Kabona and Produal, and the partly-owned company Noda. The Group has already booked a large joint showcase for Nordbygg 2018.
– Bemsiq consists of a number of companies with their own market positions, but our offers complete each other. Our plans for expansion and market penetration is in large part a joint effort. That is why we invest in being seen at Nordbygg 2018, Pär Arvidsson ends.